Frederick Frost, MD

Frederick Frost, MD

Frederick Frost, MD, is Department Chair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Executive Director of Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy. He is a board-certified specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and spinal cord injury medicine.

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Cheerful Woman Holding Rolled Up Exercise Mat

4 Exercise-Related Things You Should Avoid Before Elective Surgery

Tags: exercise, hip replacements, knee replacements, rehabilitation, surgery

When you’re scheduled for an elective surgery, there are steps you can take to ensure that you’re in the best possible shape to speed your recovery. When it comes to exercise, here are four things not to do.

Couple with laptop

6 Tips for Reading Your Own Medical Records

Tags: electronic health records, Electronic Medical Records, onine medical records, personal health records

Technology is making your electronic medical records an open book for you, but it’s not an easy read. Get 6 tips on how to approach your EMR.

patient with hands folded

5 Ways to Stop Being a Passive Patient

Tags: healthcare, healthcare costs, healthcare expenses, healthcare reform, patient care, patient experience

There was a time when many people had long-term relationships with a family doctor – someone who knew them and their families well. Now, it's high time for patients to take an active role in their own healthcare. Here's how.

comforting hands

Don’t Live Your Life Focused on Disease

Tags: chronic disease, depression, healthcare, mental health

For a person with a complex, chronic illness, too much healthcare can be as dangerous as too little. It’s easy to become overly dependent on medical interventions without seeing what it takes to achieve real health.

close up of hands on steering wheel

‘Arthritis-Friendly’ Car Buying Guide

Tags: arthritic conditions, arthritic joints, arthritis, drive, rheumatoid arthritis

For many people, driving equals independence. New options, including buttons instead of knobs, seat belt extenders and basic hand controls, can help keep people with arthritis on the road.

video game controller

Is Your Wii the New Stroke Rehab?

Tags: brain health, electronics, neuroplasticity, stroke, video games

Many victims of stroke fail to keep up with at-home exercises they consider tedious and difficult. But virtual reality gaming systems like Wii™ can provide the kind of fun that keeps stroke rehabilitation on track.

daughter with father smiling

Caregivers: 4 Tips to Prevent Stress

Tags: caregivers, stress

Whether you’re caring for someone full time or just helping out, you can easily get stressed. Here are four tips for preventing burnout.