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Yogurt: Good for Your Heart?

You know what’s good about yogurt: It has calcium and vitamin D to strengthen your bones. It has protein to build muscle. And if that weren’t enough, studies now show that yogurt is good for your heart. Healthy cholesterol, healthy blood pressure Eating yogurt is linked to having healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. According … Read More

Cold Can Spell Trouble for Your Heart, Lungs

We know to guard our skin against frostbite by covering up when we go outside in sub-freezing temperatures. But extreme cold also can impact your vital organs. Find out how you can protect yourself.

Cut Your Tube Time to Prevent Blood Clots

A recent study showed that those who watch five hours or more of TV per day had a higher risk of dying from a blood clot. Taking breaks for movement is important prevention.

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Are You Young (or Old) at Heart?

Heart age defines your risk of heart attack, based on several factors. Most Americans have a heart that’s “older” than their actual age, but it’s never too late to lower it.