Joseph Scarcella, MD

Joseph Scarcella, MD

Joseph Scarcella, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic, has been in practice for more than 20 years in southwest Cleveland hospitals. His specialty interests include total and partial knee replacement with minimally invasive techniques, arthroscopic repair of shoulder problems, and arthroscopic knee surgery.

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Shoulder Pain Injury

Over 45? How You Can Deal With Rotator Cuff Injuries

Tags: rotator cuff, shoulder, shoulder pain, tendonitis

Older Americans can easily strain a shoulder. Here's how to recognize the difference between a rotator cuff injury that can result and a more common culprit: tendonitis.

wrist with ace bandage

Ankle and Wrist Injuries: Facts and Best Fixes

Tags: falling, fractures, joint pain, joints, physical therapy, sports injuries, sports injury, strains and sprains

Many of the outdoor activities we love pose a risk of wrist or ankle fractures. Find out how to tell a fracture from a sprain (hint: often only your doctor can) and what treatment to expect.

man working out bicep

3 Tips for Treating Your Bicep Pain at Home

Tags: acute muscle strain, chronic muscle strain, muscle, muscle weakness

Find expert advice to treat a bicep injury, which is most often caused by overuse. It can make daily activities tough, but generally if you rest and take care of the injury at home, it should resolve.

shoulder pain illustration

Shoulder Dislocation: How It Happens in Real Life

Tags: dislocation, rehabilitation, shoulder, shoulder pain, shoulder replacements

People in movies may dislocate a shoulder and easily “pop” it back in place, but in real life, you need immediate medical attention for a shoulder dislocation. Here's how to tell if your shoulder is dislocated and what to do.

man holding knee in pain

5 Millimeters Closer to Knee Pain Relief

Tags: arthritis, arthroscopic knee surgery, chronic knee pain, knee injury, knee pain, meniscus

It takes incisions smaller than a dime to achieve knee pain relief with arthroscopic knee surgery. Find out how this outpatient procedure reduces pain and gets patients back to daily life quickly.

man with knee injury receiving physical therapy

Why You Now Go Home Faster After Total Joint Surgery

Tags: arthritis, joint pain, joint replacement, knee pain, orthopaedic, physical therapy

Whether total joint surgery involves a hip, knee, shoulder or other area, the amazing advances I’ve seen in my practice dramatically reduce time in the hospital.