Kathryn Teng, MD

Kathryn Teng, MD

Kathryn Teng, MD, is Director of the Center for Personalized Healthcare at Cleveland Clinic, Staff Physician in the Medicine Institute, and Assistant Professor at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western University. She is committed to leading Cleveland Clinic’s efforts to integrate personalized healthcare approaches into the standard practice of medicine.

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Stressed woman in office

Got Stress? How You Can Start Dealing With It Now

Tags: meditation, stress, stress management, yoga

We all have stress — but we don't all know how to deal with it. Start by tackling the basics.

Patient with doctor

Why Smart Health Decisions Require Your Input

Tags: Future of Healthcare, patients, personalized healthcare, treatment

Your doctor knows your health condition, but only you know your opinions and preferences. Make your voice heard.

Doctor with older male patient

3 Ways to Save Lives and Cut Healthcare Costs

Tags: healthcare costs, personalized healthcare, pharmacogenetics, prevention

Healthcare spending in America is out of control. These three approaches can make the country's people and bank balances healthier.

Mother and daughter

How Your Ancestry and Ethnicity Affect Your Health

Tags: family health history, genetics, personalized healthcare

When it comes to your health, who you are and where you come from matter. When you gather your family health history, include your ancestry and ethnicity.

Woman with tablet

Top 3 Benefits of a Digital Family History

Tags: electronic health records, family health history, genetic counseling, personalized healthcare

The best family health history is built right into an electronic health record. You gather it at home — or wherever you like — and your doctor can access it anywhere.

Child in doctor's waiting room

Kids and Codeine: Why Genetics Matter for Medication

Tags: children's health, medications, pain, pain management, pain medication, personalized healthcare, pharmacogenetics

The FDA issued a boxed warning for codeine prescribed to children after tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy. It’s the perfect example of how genetics matter when prescribing medication.

Raised hands

Quiz: Test Your Personalized Healthcare IQ

Tags: family health history, family history, genetics, genomics, personalized healthcare, pharmacogenetics

How much do you know about this emerging approach, which focuses on your individual traits and needs? Find out — and get the facts — with this quiz.

Family tree

Know Your Family Tree, Boost Your Family’s Health (Infographic)

Tags: family health history, family history, infographic, personalized healthcare, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is National Family Health History Day, so it’s a great time to collect or update information when your family gathers. Use this infographic to get started.

Women Your No. 1 Killer

Women: Here’s Your No. 1 Killer

Tags: family history, heart disease, heart health, women’s health

In 2009, heart disease was responsible for 24 percent of deaths among all females. It kills an average of 400,000 women each year. Learn how you can reduce your risk.

9 Step Well-Check Checklist

A 9 Step Well-Check Checklist

The annual well-check goes by many names, but it’s important no matter what you call it. Here’s what to expect from this regular visit.