Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD

Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD, is a registered dietitian and Outpatient Nutrition Manager in the Center for Human Nutrition.
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A Dietitian Can Help You Lose Weight, Feel Good

Eating well can make all the difference in your daily life. Dietitian Laura Jeffers talks about how to maximize the nutrition you get from your diet, and how a registered dietitian can help.

23 Foods That Are Good For Your Skin

Can some foods make your skin look firmer, clearer and younger? Registered dietitian Laura Jeffers talks about healthy choices for you that are also healthy for your skin.

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7 Health Foods That Can Ruin Your Diet

Even when you think you’re eating healthy, you may want to think again… There are some foods pretending to be healthier than they really are. Or they may be healthy in themselves, but only if you don’t overdo them. These seven foods could be undermining your attempts to lose weight and eat healthy.

What’s the Buzz about Bee Pollen? (Infographic)

Looking for a superfood that provides a potent nutritional sting? Check out these suggestions from Cleveland Clinic registered dietitian Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD, on how to inject bee pollen into your diet.

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