Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD

Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD

With her own successes at marathon running and weight loss, registered dietitian Laura Jeffers knows what it takes to achieve goals. She is passionate about nutrition and works closely with the Eat Right at School Program to improve school menus. She enjoys counseling patients with metabolism disorders, celiac disease and fructose intolerance, and for weight loss.

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How to make popular fast food and frozen dinners healthier.

Make Takeout & Frozen Meals Healthier (Infographic)

Tags: growing pains of parenting, healthy diet, infographic, portion size, sodium

On days when you're too crazed to cook, it's tempting to buy fast food or heat up frozen entrees. Follow the tips on this infographic to make dinner on the run a healthier experience.

Fresh Apples

Make the Most of Your Farmer’s Market Trip (Slideshow)

Tags: farmer's market, fruits and vegetables, heart-healthy oils, whole grains

Farmer’s markets bring fresh food to the neighborhood and boost the local economy. They save on shipping and fuel (and make our planet happy). Join Cleveland Clinic registered dietitian Laura Jeffers as she shares these tips for shopping at a farmer’s market.


5 Ways to Make Your Kids ‘Nutritionally Savvy’

Tags: childhood nutrition, childhood obesity, growing pains of parenting, healthy diet, nutrition, Recipes

A registered dietitian offers five creative tips for parents who want to encourage their kids to eat healthier.


Make Your Coffee Healthier: Best Sweeteners, Milks, Spices

Tags: artificial sweeteners, coffee, coffee study, dairy, healthhub number, milk, sugar

Ah, drinking coffee. Truly one of life’s simple pleasures. But some milks and sweeteners add unnecessary fat and calories. If you do like to dress your coffee up, here are five tips to doing it healthier.

Want to discover a simple, delicious way to get your four servings of vegetables per day? Fix a salad. Infographic on HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

8 Ways to Make a Super Healthy Salad (Infographic)

Tags: fruits and vegetables, healthy diet, infographic, Recipes

With one salad, you can get the four daily servings of vegetables you need. Learn how to create a salad brimming with color, texture, flavor and nutrition — and discover do’s and don’ts from a dietitian.

soup and salad

7 Health Foods That Can Ruin Your Diet

Tags: calories, carbohydrates, healthy diet, sugar

Our ideas of what constitutes a “healthy” diet might be out of sync with reality. Some “healthy” alternatives are loaded with calories, fat or chemicals. Learn which health foods are busting your diet.


Will ‘The 100’ Diet Keep the Weight Off?

Tags: carbohydrates, diet, healthy diet, sugar

For quick weight loss, ‘The 100’ diet restricts consumption of sugar calories to 100 per day. Is this a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off?

Nuggets and fries

There’s Not Much Chicken in That Nugget

Tags: fast food, fat, healthy diet, sodium, sugar

Research on the contents of chicken nuggets shows how food processing can turn a perfectly good source of protein into junk food.


Eat Well After Menopause: 6 Tips

Tags: healthy diet, menopause, postmenopausal

Many women turn to comfort foods like ice cream, chocolate and cookies during stressful times. However, as metabolism slows during menopause, it’s harder to burn off those extra calories.

bread with caution tape

Guaranteeing ‘Gluten-free’ Really Is Gluten-free

Tags: celiac, celiac disease, gluten, gluten-free

If you need to go gluten-free, you may be surprised: there’s still plenty you can eat. And now with FDA regulations, you can feel safer choosing gluten-free products.