Linda Bradley, MD

Linda Bradley, MD, Vice Chair of our Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health Institute, embraces the modern Hippocratic oath: “Let food be thy medicine.”
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7 Benefits of Skipping Periods With Birth Control

Periods are a part of life for women, but many women would like to be able to control when they happen. Others may have a history of difficult periods and just want to do without the stress. Taking birth control pills continuously represents a common and safe method for managing menstrual disturbances and other associated … Read More

11 Diet Changes That Help You Fight PMS

Women may think there isn’t much they can do to keep premenstrual syndrome (PMS) under control. It turns out that there are natural ways to control symptoms, such as exercise and a healthy diet. Exercising and eating right can control the bloating, depression, irritability and mood changes associated with PMS. I recommend 30 to 45 minutes … Read More

If You Suffer From Endometriosis, Better Help May Be Coming

Despite the fact that endometriosis is fairly common, we still don’t have a good handle on exactly what causes the condition. This has prevented researchers from developing the most effective treatments. Several new studies may offer promise for women with endometriosis. These studies may signal potential breakthroughs, leading to much more effective ways to alleviate the pain that endometriosis causes. Endometriosis occurs when tissue, which … Read More

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Fibroids and You: 4 Biggest Myths Busted

When women hear they have uterine fibroids, they are often understandably worried. Their reaction could be primed by girlfriends, family members or even a doctor. Many voices can chime in about what fibroids are, how to best treat them and how they impact a woman’s health. But there’s lots of misinformation out there about fibroids. Lingering … Read More

Heavy Periods? You’ve Got New Options (Video)

Women whose heavy periods interfere with work, social activities or exercise need to see a doctor. If no serious problem is found, new treatments can drastically reduce bleeding and make life much easier. Hysterectomy is not the only solution. Depending on what is causing the issue, your doctor might recommend tranexamic acid, an over-the-counter remedy, … Read More

Scavenger Hunt: Finding the Foods You Like (Video)

If you live in an “urban desert” – without access to healthy fruits and veggies at your neighborhood store – speak up. You just might get them. Then spread the word about the store’s great service. You may end up changing more than your diet.

Fibroids and Hysterectomy: Get a Second Opinion (Video)

More than half of all women have fibroids. The good news is that many of them don’t even know it. If you have fibroids that cause painful periods and other problems, don’t agree to a hysterectomy before getting a second opinion. Experts have many less invasive ways to treat these uterine growths, from medication to … Read More

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Doctor’s Order: Play With Your Food (Video)

Bored with cooking the same old, same old —and ready to start eating healthier? It’s not hard to make positive changes in the way you eat. Be adventurous! Expand your taste buds. Experiment with exotic spices. Try new vegetables, fruits and grains. Most of all, have fun with your food!

The Making of a ‘Foodie Gynecologist’

As a physician today, I embrace the modern Hippocratic Oath: “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure. We are what we eat. Let food be thy medicine.” I believe that only by learning the fundamentals of cooking can we craft and build upon a personal plan for lifelong health. … Read More