7 Surprising Facts about Your Nose

The critical life functions that our facial organs perform may seem pretty obvious. Yet, when it comes to the nose, there is more than meets the eye.

It’s Not Your Fault: Dealing With Guilt After a Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Contributor: Nathan Pennell, MD When Peter Jennings, the long-time news anchor for ABC, announced that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer nearly a decade ago, he admitted he had smoked most of his life. He said that he had weakened and taken up smoking again after the attacks on 9/11. Implicit in this admission was a … Read More

5 Tips to Help You Breathe Easier in Hot Weather

Air quality and changing weather can sometimes wreak havoc on your ability to breathe. If you have a chronic lung condition, such as asthma or COPD, you may struggle even more with changing weather conditions. Here are some expert tips to help you breathe easier.

Can You Reduce Steroid Treatments for Sarcoidosis?

If you have sarcoidosis, your doctor may prescribe steroids at some point during your treatment. Specific types of steroids can treat the symptoms of this inflammatory condition, which often affects the lungs. But steroids are not for everyone. Used long-term, steroids present a long list of potential side effects. That’s why doctors often look for “steroid-sparing” … Read More