Michael Cowher, MD

Michael Cowher, MD, is a breast surgeon who thinks he has the best job in the world: caring for women and men regarding breast disease.

Treating Breast Cancer: Less May Be More

For early-stage breast cancer, there’s been a trend in recent years toward mastectomy (complete breast removal) and even double mastectomy. However, a recent study reinforces that for women who are good candidates, conserving the breast with lumpectomy is still an effective alternative. Of course, whenever you talk about breast cancer, or any cancer, the most … Read More

Medical News Headlines: How to Interpret Them

Rarely does a day go by when a patient or family member does not ask me about a medical news story. In fact, I am frequently asked about breast cancer trials the day after they make the news! I firmly believe that education, whether self-directed or from a reliable healthcare resource, is critical to enabling … Read More

Men Get Breast Cancer Too

John’s* patient documents made me pause. As I read over his new patient questionnaire, I found that this 52-year-old man had not seen a doctor since childhood – not until last month when his new primary care physician referred him to me after finding a large breast mass. I walked into the examination room where … Read More

6 Misconceptions About Breast Cancer

I asked my colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic Breast Center what they perceive to be patients’ most common misconceptions about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and care. Combining our list, these six misconceptions rose to the top: 1. “If I have an annual mammogram, I don’t need to examine my breasts.” It is important to understand … Read More

How to Do a Great Self-Breast Exam

While most of my patients have heard they should perform a self-breast exam (SBE), many say they have never heard all the tips I’d like to share with you. The key is to remember: “When, Look, Feel and Write!” Tip #1: Do your breast exam at the same time each month Think: “When” You should … Read More