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Paul Saluan, MD

Paul Saluan, MD

Paul Saluan, MD, is a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon who is also trained in sports medicine. With such broad experience, he can help kids recover from many kinds of injury. He leads the pediatric and adolescent sports health program at Cleveland Clinic and specializes in arthroscopic surgery and pediatric orthopedic surgery.

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hand x-ray

Children and Growth Plates Injuries (Video)

Tags: bones, broken bone, child safety, fractures, growth plates, sports injuries, sports injury, youth sports

In so many ways, children are more flexible than adults – and this includes their bones. Because their bones haven’t fully hardened and are still growing, children are vulnerable to a unique injury called a growth plate fracture and parents need to address these common bone injuries.

child throwing ball

Kids and Sports: Throwing Injuries (Video)

Tags: sports injuries, sports injury, youth sports

More and more children are in throwing sports, including baseball, and we’ve got take care of all those good arms, shoulders and elbows. But how do you know if there is a problem?

mother comforting child with bloody nose

When Is Your Kids’ Injury an Emergency? (Video)

Tags: child safety, emergency care, growing pains of parenting, injury

If kids are hurt playing sports, Paul Saluan, MD, explains when they need to see a doctor and when they just need some couch time.

Child holding soccer ball meditating to avoid overuse injury from sports

Kids’ Sports: How to Avoid Overuse Injuries (Video)

Tags: concussion, sports injuries, strains and sprains, summer safety, youth sports

Youth sports injuries can turn into chronic, nagging problems for kids — unless they're given time to rest and heal.

sad child wearing a jersey

Youth Sports: Too Much, Too Soon? (Video)

Tags: sports injuries, sports injury, youth sports

Paul Saluan, MD, talks about why pushing young kids into sports too soon can be risky business.