Scott Burg, DO

Scott Burg, DO, is a staff rheumatologist who specializes in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoporosis and golf injuries.
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Got Gout? 4 Ways You Can Avoid an Attack

We’ve gotten much more aggressive in how we monitor and treat gout, a chronic, inflammatory form of arthritis. Here’s how you can take an active role in managing your condition.

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3 Steps to Fight Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you often wake up in the night with a feeling of “pins and needles” in your hands, like they’ve fallen asleep? Does it get better if you shake them? That’s often an early warning sign of carpal tunnel syndrome — especially if your symptoms are in the thumb, pointer and middle finger. Not all … Read More

Hands On: Tips for Dealing With Your Arthritis Hand Pain

If your hands are pain-free, it’s easy to take them for granted. But when you have arthritis, you notice just how important your hands are for everyday living. Your treatment options for hand pain and other symptoms depend on your specific type of arthritis and how severe your case is. So talk to your doctor directly … Read More

5 Questions to Ask Before You Exercise With Arthritis

If you want to live a better life with arthritis, the benefits of exercise are clear. Healthy movement can help you decrease stiffness, release your body’s natural pain-blocking endorphins and reduce stress on your joints as you lose weight. But there’s a reason I always stress the importance of speaking with a doctor before starting … Read More

Do You Know Your Options For Osteoarthritis?

“What are my options?” If you have a persistent condition such as osteoarthritis, ask this question frequently. When you have a health issue that goes on for years, it’s easy to just go about your regular treatment routine and assume it’s still the best. But it never hurts to ask for new options and the … Read More

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If You Have Arthritis, Don’t Hibernate This Winter

It’s winter. If you live in a cold climate, the air outside may be frigid enough to make you want to spend the next couple of months hiding under a blanket. But if you have arthritis, avoid the urge to hibernate. Sitting still all winter is the last thing you need to do. Why movement … Read More

4 Ways to Control Your Gout This Holiday Season

The holiday season comes with little indulgences. But when you have gout, you must be smart to make sure those little indulgences do not turn into big flare-ups. The basic guidelines you observe year-round — including avoiding organ meat and limiting purine-rich foods such as shellfish and red meat — still apply, of course. But … Read More