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White teeth of a woman biting her lips

Wondering If He Thinks You’re Cute? Listen to His Voice

Tags: hearing, relationships, sexual health, voice

A recent study found that men and women vary the strength, tone and pitch of their voices when speaking to members of the opposite sex whom they find attractive.

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6 Simple Tips for a Better Sex Life (Slideshow)

Tags: erectile dysfunction, exercise, healthy diet, sex, sexual dysfunction, sexual health

Putting on weight, getting out of shape, and even just the natural act of aging — all of these can affect your sex drive. Find out how to put the sex back in your sex life.

Men Over 50: 7 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Men Over 50: 7 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Tags: erectile dysfunction, libido, sex, sexual health

Are problems with your erections or low libido limiting your sex life? For many men, these are inevitable issues of aging, but there are steps you can take to address them.

Disconsolate couple finding out results of a pregnancy test

Embryoscope: New Technology Helps Couples Conceive

Tags: embryo, fertility, in vitro fertilization, infertility, IVF, pregnancy

New in vitro fertilization technology shows fertilized embryos developing moment to moment — giving fresh hope to those wanting to start a family.

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Not Pregnant Yet? When to Get Help

Tags: fertility, in vitro fertilization, infertility, IVF, pregnancy

Couples who haven’t conceived after a year of trying should visit an infertility specialist. But in some cases, couples should see the doctor sooner — here’s how to know.

IUD birth control

IUDs and Implants: Safe Options for Young Women

Tags: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ACOG, birth control, contraception, fertility, IUDs, pregnancy, teenage pregnancy

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued new guidelines approving other — possibly more effective — options to condoms, pills and patches.

teen boy standing with group of women and men

Boys, Men and HPV: Vaccines Safe, Protective (Video)

Tags: anal cancer, HPV, HPV Vaccine, intecourse, oral sex, penile cancer, sex, sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted infections, STD, STI, teen vaccine series, throat cancer, vaccines

Should your son or husband get the HPV vaccine? Good question. Since HPV can develop into various cancers later in life, including anal, penile and throat cancers, it’s essential to do everything you can to prevent its transmission.

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Foods to Put You in the Mood (Video)

Tags: aphrodisiac, chocolate, endorphins, hormones, serotonin, sex, valentine's day 2013

Science hasn’t proven that any food is a true aphrodisiac. But some foods have ingredients that can definitely stimulate our senses and put us in the mood for love.

4 condoms

Condom Quiz: How Smart Are You?

Tags: valentine's day 2013

Not all condom knowledge is common knowledge. Condoms are great protection against STDs and unintended pregnancies, but only if they’re used right. Test yourself on the topic with our condom quiz.

pregnancy test and money on counter

Chat With a Doctor: Fertility Financial Questions Answered

Tags: chat with a doctor, fertility, infertility, infertility treatments, pregnancy, pregnant, webchat

Are you having trouble conceiving? Are you interested in fertility treatment and are unsure about the financial implications? Get answers about fertility and financial issues from a Cleveland Clinic physician and a financial advisor during a live webchat Friday, Nov. 30, 2012, at noon (ET).