Stephen Grobmyer, MD

Stephen Grobmyer, MD

Stephen Grobmyer, MD, is Section Head of Surgical Oncology and the Director of Breast Services at Cleveland Clinic. His research is focused on using novel technologies to improve the quality of cancer care and reduce the effects of cancer treatment on patients while improving patient outcomes.

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new margin guidelines

What “No Ink on Tumor” Means If You Have Breast Cancer

Tags: breast cancer, breast conservation, lumpectomy

Breast-conserving surgery comes with a question: How much healthy tissue should we remove? A new guideline helps simplify the answer for patients and doctors.

Woman with female doctor

What a New Double Mastectomy Study Means for Patients

Tags: bilateral mastectomy, breast cancer, double mastectomy, lumpectomy

New research confirms that a bilateral mastectomy won’t necessarily improve your long-term survival. What is the best option for treating breast cancer?

Woman waiting in hospital gown

Mammograms Save Lives — But They Can Get Better

Tags: biopsy, breast cancer, innovation, mammogram, mammograms, ultrasound

The timing and frequency of mammograms has become controversial. In the future, a new imaging tool could reduce or eliminate mammogram concerns.

pensive woman

A New Option for Breast Cancer Prevention

Tags: breast cancer, breast cancer prevention, breast cancer treatment, prevention

For postmenopausal women with a high risk of breast cancer, the drug anastrozole offers a new option. It’s the latest preventive medication — but not the only one.

Surgeon in mask

Top 5 Breakthroughs in Breast Cancer Surgery (Video)

Tags: breast cancer, breast cancer awareness, breast cancer treatment, innovation, surgery

Surgery now is more effective — with fewer side effects, fewer procedures required, less recovery time and less risk.

Woman doing physical therapy

4 Ways to Improve Your Breast Cancer Rehab

Tags: breast cancer, breast cancer treatment, lymphedema, rehabilitation, web chat

When it comes to breast cancer, what comes after surgery or treatment can be just as important as the treatment itself.

Breast cancer illustration

Breast Cancer Treatment Gets Faster, Easier, Less Costly

Tags: breast cancer, breast cancer treatment, intraoperative radiation therapy

One dose instead of many. Just days of recovery. A fraction of the cost. All of these statements describe single-dose intraoperative radiation therapy, a treatment that’s helping women with early-stage breast cancer.

Woman with doctor

5 Questions to Ask Before Breast Cancer Treatment

Tags: breast cancer, breast cancer treatment, chemotherapy, radiation therapy

As breast cancer treatment becomes more personalized, sometimes less can be more. Not all treatments are required for all patients.

solemn woman thinking

Do You Need Cancer Surgery?

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, prepare for surgery, surgery

If you or a family member needs surgery to treat cancer, here are five things you should consider.