3-D mammograms

3-D Mammograms Detect More Cancer (Video)

Tags: 3-D, breast cancer, mammogram, Top 10 Innovations for 2013

We're counting down the top 10 medical innovations for 2013, picked by our doctors and researchers. Up next: 3-D mammograms can detect breast cancer better than ever.


Picturing Brain Cancer in Real Time

Tags: 3-D, cancer, innovation, technology

Researchers are using high-resolution 3-D pictures of blood vessels in the brain to observe cancer cells in action. These images may one day save lives.

Medical models from a 3D printer

3-D Printer Makes Medical Models (Video)

Tags: 3-D, CT scan, innovation, technology

Cleveland Clinic physicians and researchers use 3-D printing technology to model parts of the human body. The models help physicians visualize a problem and test devices before going into surgery.

3-D glasses

3-D: Are Your Eyes Up For It?

Tags: 3-D, eye health, headache, nausea

3-D movie viewing can be challenging for some of us. Get tips for viewing without straining your eyes.

Computer imaging and virtual surgery help surgeons practice for perfection

Surgery: Now in 3-D

Tags: 3-D, hip, innovation, shoulder, technology

There’s no guesswork when Cleveland Clinic orthopaedic surgeons replace a patient’s shoulder or hip joint. That’s because the surgery already has been done, virtually, using customized 3D images.