Peripheral Artery Disease

This Minimally Invasive Procedure Can Save Your Limbs by Restoring Blood Flow

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When arteries to your legs and feet are critically clogged with plaque, grave problems can develop. A new treatment gives hope to patients facing amputation.


Second Opinion Leads to Saved Limb

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In the U.S., 65,000 amputations occur each year, most related to poor circulation and diabetes. When making this life-changing decision to have an amputation, you will want to seek out a second opinion. Many amputations are potentially avoidable.

70,000 people a year lose a limb from diabetes

Diabetes Dangers, Old-fashioned Cures (Infographic)

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Each year, 70,000 people lose a lower limb -- a leg or foot -- because of type 2 diabetes. Though it contributes to more than 230,000 deaths each year, you can find old-fashioned solutions in today's health number.

Woman with diabetes holding her bare feet

Have Diabetes? 5 Tips for Happy Feet

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If you have diabetes, your feet need to be a priority. Even small cuts can become big problems for you because you are more at risk for infection. These tips for foot health will help keep those feet happy and healthy.


Patient’s New High-Tech Run At Life (Video)

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Patient gets a new run at life with a high-tech amputation revision. The high-tech Ertl procedure, in which a more radical amputation is performed, can dramatically improve people’s ability to engage in weight-bearing activities.

heart hands feet inside red circles

Chat With a Doctor: Peripheral Artery Disease, Amputation Prevention

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Peripheral artery disease is a dangerous condition that, if untreated, can cause gangrene and lead to amputation. Cleveland Clinic physicians talk about this during a live webchat Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013, at noon (ET).


Diabetes Facts: Know the Risks

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People with diabetes are at risk for stroke, eye problems, heart and kidney disease, and problems with their feet and nerves. Know the symptoms and risk factors.

Daniel Clair, MD

Preventing Limb Loss Due to Poor Circulation (Video)

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Loss of circulation doesn’t always mean the loss of a limb. Vascular surgeon Daniel Clair, MD, wants you to be aware of the full range of limb-sparing resources available at the Cleveland Clinic.