5 Ways to Help Your Child With Autism Make Friends

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorder, social skills

Imagine trying to make new friends when you have a tough time understanding body language or figures of speech. This is the challenge for children with autism — but parents can help.


How Genetics Affect Head Size and Brain Development in Autism

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorder, Cowden Syndrome, PTEN

A study related to children with autism, large head size and a genetic mutation sheds light on brain development — and offers a road map for future therapy and research.


If Your Child Has Autism, Perception Matters

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorder, behavioral therapy

A joke, a laugh, subtle body language — understanding these social cues doesn’t come easily for people with autism.


How to Manage Challenging Behavior in Children With Autism

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorder, behavior

Aggression toward a sibling or classmate. Self injury. Wandering off without warning. Many children with autism exhibit this challenging behavior. What can parents do?

Child with autism

Can Medication Help With Your Child’s Autism?

Tags: ADHD, ASD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, autism spectrum disorder, medication, medications

When aggression, self-injury or other symptoms get in the way of your child’s social and academic development, medications offer extra help.

Young boy and doctor

What Autism Changes Mean for You and Your Children

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorder, diagnosis

Nearly a year ago, the world of autism diagnosis changed. Find answers to five common questions about what the changes mean for your child.

Boy looking into distance

What Record-High Autism Rates Mean for Your Family

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorder

Autism diagnosis numbers are higher than ever. Find out how many kids are on the autism spectrum — and what the numbers say.

Job interview

How to Prepare Teens With Autism for Work or College

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorder

With the right training and planning — tailored to their capabilities — teens can find a path to a job and, in some cases, college.

Baby staring

Study Looks Into the Eyes of Autism

Tags: ASD, autism, diagnosis, research

A wandering gaze and avoiding eye contact are hallmarks of many autism spectrum disorders (ASD). And according to recent research, they may appear earlier in children than previously thought.

Boy playing video games

Video Games and Autism: Watch for Overuse

Tags: ADHD, ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorders, video games

A study finds that boys diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders or ADHD spend much more time playing video games than their peers. Learn how to set limits and make video games a positive.