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5 Osteoporosis Assumptions: Myth or Fact?

Tags: bone density, Bone loss, calcium, exercise, myths, osteoporosis, vitamin D

Sadly, the first time many people think about osteoporosis is after their first bone fracture. The more you know about this disease of weakened bones, the better you can prevent it.

Calcium label

3 Simple Tips for Reading a Calcium Label

Tags: calcium, osteoporosis, supplements

Learn how to sort through supplement options to get the right dose of this crucial mineral.

Weights for bone strength

7 Tips for Healthy Bones

Tags: calcium, diet, exercise, osteopenia, osteoporosis, vitamin D

You can take steps to halt the “thinning” of your bones, called osteopenia, and prevent osteoporosis.

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Kids and Broken Bones

Tags: arthritis, broken bone, calcium, fracture, ligaments, orthopaedic, skeleton, x-ray

Growing young bones need immediate attention after injury to avoid crooked or misshapen bones or arthritis later in life.


4 Facts About Parathyroid Disease

Tags: calcium, hyperparathyroidism, kidney stones, parathyroid disorders, thyroid awareness month 2013, vitamin D

Learn the basics about parathyroid disease — including its relationship with low calcium, Vitamin D and kidney stones.


Calcium, Vitamin D and Bone Health

Tags: breakfast, calcium, Competitive Edge, milk, morning, vitamin D, vitamin d deficiency

Milk does indeed do a body good. Learn how dairy consumption improves bone health and how you can get your kids to consume more of it.

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Can a Vitamin Meet Your Body’s Needs? (Diet Myth 2)

Tags: calcium, diet, folic acid, healthy diet, multivitamins, vitamin c, vitamin D, vitamins

We’re tackling the top 6 diet myths. This week's question: When it comes to the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to thrive, can a pill beat what nature provides?

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Common Vitamin Supplements: Good or Bad for Your Heart?

Tags: calcium, diet, heart, nutrition, prevention, research, vitamin D

For years, people have been taking calcium supplements to prevent bone loss and stave off osteoporosis. While they may decrease your risk for a fracture, a recent study has found that calcium supplements can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Child drinking water

Keeping Kids Hydrated

Tags: calcium, dehydration, diet, drinks, summer safety, vitamin D

Whether your child is dripping with sweat from playing tag in the hot sun or from playing basketball in the gym, hydration is critical. A dietitian gives popular drinks a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down.’


Is Calcium a Patriot or a Traitor?

Tags: bone health, calcium, calcium CITRATE supplements, dental health

A women's health expert weighs the pros and cons of this crucial mineral.