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Shot of a father and son enjoying a piggyback ride on the beach

How Bonding With Your Children Helps Them Out in Life

Tags: child psychology, childbirth, family, growing pains of parenting, mental health, parenting

Sunday is Father’s Day, a time when many dads will be treated like kings – and rightfully so! A healthy and positive father-child relationship provides countless benefits for kids of all ages, from babies to teenagers.

Medications are prescribed for ADHD

ADHD Meds: No Link to Later Substance Abuse

Tags: addiction, ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), child psychology

Parents worried about their kids who take meds for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can take comfort: A new study shows use of the meds has no role in substance abuse problems later in life.

cute little girl frowning

Chat With a Doctor: Talk, Walk and Roll

Tags: behavior, child psychology, children's health

Got questions about your child’s aptitude, ability to communicate, socialization skills or physical growth? Ask a Cleveland Clinic pediatrician during a live webchat Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013, at noon (ET).

teenager's feet turning nervously

Teens and Anxiety

Tags: anxiety, anxiety disorder, child psychology

Teens struggle with generalized anxiety more often than most of us realize. How do you know if your child just feels some nervousness or if it’s something more? Deb Lonzer, MD, offers advice.

Distracted teen driving

Video: Teens and Driving Distractions

Tags: child psychology, child safey

It’s no secret that using a cell phone while driving may increase your risk of a crash. Two new studies weighed just how dangerous the practice can be when teenagers are behind the wheel — especially when it comes to texting.