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Snow Shoveling—A Real Risk for Heart Attack

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The driveway is piling up with snow. You bundle up and get to work, trying to dig it out as fast as you can to get back in the warm house. Find out why doctors advise against shoveling for many of us.

Women and heart health

National Wear Red Day

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Did you know it's National Wear Red Day today? Celebrate the day by learning more about gender-specific warning signs and symptoms of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.


Atrial Fibrillation and Your Brain

Tags: abnormal heart beat, atrial fibrillation, Dr. A. Marc Gillinov, Dr. Walide Saliba, news, risk factors, stroke

One in seven strokes is caused by atrial fibrillation. Cleveland Clinic experts A. Marc Gillinov, MD, and Walide Saliba, MD, discuss the risk of blood clots with aFib and how to prevent them.


Clinical Trials: Advancing Medicine, Improving Lives

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Do you ever wonder how medications and therapies become part of your healthcare? Clinical trials play a key role in all medical advances.

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Winter Means More Cardiac Deaths—in all Climates

Tags: Dr. A. Marc Gillinov, heart attack, heart disease, heart failure, prevention, research

A new study has found that regardless of the climate you live in, you’re more likely to die of heart-related conditions in the winter. Cleveland Clinic's Marc Gillinov, MD, discusses.


The Holidays and Healthy Alcohol Consumption

Tags: alcohol, Dr. A. Marc Gillinov, Dr. Steven Nissen, heart 411, heart health, holiday season 2012, research

The benefits of moderate alcohol consumption vary based on a person’s age and medical history. Find out how much is too much.

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Post-Op Reflection: Grateful and Going Places

Tags: Dr. A. Marc Gillinov, heart surgery, patient story

Making the decision to have surgery is never an easy one. Susan Elliot lives a healthy, active life today thanks to following her gut instinct and placing her trust in Cleveland Clinic.

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Heart Disease: 3 Facts That Will Make You Happy

Tags: diabetes, Dr. A. Marc Gillinov, Dr. Steven Nissen, healthy diet, heart 411, heart disease, heart health, sex

Gloomy facts get most of the attention in the media. But the truth is, prospects for heart disease have never been better. Doctors know more about what works and what doesn’t and what is safe and what is not than ever before. Here are three facts about heart disease that should cheer you up.