New Implantable Device May Help You to Hear Again

New Implantable Device May Help You to Hear Again

Tags: cochlear, ear, hearing, hearing aid, Hearing loss

If you have a certain kind of hearing loss, there may be a new solution that can allow you to hear again. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first device that combines a hearing aid with a cochlear implant.

Closeup on cotton swabs in hand of woman

Do You Have Earwax Buildup? Read These Do’s and Don’ts

Tags: ear, ear infections, ears ringing, hearing, hearing aid, hearing exam, Hearing loss, hygiene

You’ve all heard it before: Never put anything in your ears. Yet people still do it sometimes in an effort to clean them. Find ear wax do's and don'ts -- and why some earwax is actually good for your ears.

Swimmer's Ear

How to Keep Swimmer’s Ear From Ruining Your Summer

Tags: ear, ear exam, ear infection, ear infections, Hearing loss, summer, summer safety, swimmer's ear, swimming

Summer’s heat, humidity and water sports offer ideal conditions for swimmer’s ear. Learn to spot signs of infection and get tips for prevention.

child with cochlear implants

Baby, Can You Hear Me? (Video)

Tags: cochlear, ear, hearing aid, hearing exam, Hearing loss

A little boy with severe hearing loss can hear the sounds of the holidays for the first time this year. Cochlear implants are making it possible.

family swimming

Video: How to Avoid Waterborne Illnesses

Tags: CDC, contaminated water, crypto, cryptosporidium, ear, swimmer's ear, waterborne illness

Swimming pools offer great exercise, but they can also cause waterborne illnesses, according to the CDC. An expert offers tips to hit the water, worry-free.