Heart in Hands

Heart Transplant Patients Enjoying Longer Lives

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Cleveland Clinic’s Cardiac Transplant Program marked its 30th anniversary in 2014, having performed more than 1,600 heart transplants. This year, one of the program’s patients celebrates his own 30th transplant anniversary.


How Science is Mending Broken Hearts

Tags: Cardiomyopathy, heart failure, heart transplant, innovation, research

Too often, cardiomyopathy goes undetected and untreated for too long. Scientists are working to change that.

Heart Beat

The Amazingly Simple Way Surgeons Make a New Heart Beat (Video)

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Cleveland Clinic heart transplant surgeons use the most sophisticated technology in the world, but this amazing video proves we should never underestimate the profound power of human touch.

Artificial Heart Gets Real

Artificial Hearts Get Real

Tags: heart failure, heart surgery, heart transplant, research, Star Trek, ventricular assist devices

“Star Trek: The Next Generation’s” Jean Luc Picard had an artificial heart. But the 21st century version is even better than its imaginary counterpart.

Here Comes Human Heart 2.1

Here Comes Human Heart, 2.1

Tags: heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart failure, heart health, heart surgery, heart transplant

Transplanting human hearts is becoming less necessary as a new generation of implantable mechanical heart assist devices comes online. Led by Cleveland Clinic researchers, this movement will the biggest transformation for human hearts since transplantation made them modular in 1967.


February 14 is National Donor Day, Too

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It seems appropriate that Valentine’s Day – the day to celebrate love and affection – is also National Donor Day. Find out what you can do to help others.

blue heart

Today’s Artificial Hearts Go With the Flow

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Today’s continuous flow ventricular assist devices (VADs) offer hope to late-stage patients who cannot receive or gain access to a donor heart.

Rowdy Hearts Team

Walking With Rowdy Hearts

Tags: heart failure, heart transplant, news, patient story

The RowdyHearts team adds a wild side to LifeBanc's annual Gift of Life Run/Walk. Eleven heart transplant recipients walk with friends and family to celebrate organ donation and raise funds for the local nonprofit.

Frank Bianchi and Holly Mulkerin

Heart Transplant Recipients Help Others on the Wait List

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Waiting may be the hardest part. That’s why heart transplant recipients Holly Mulkerin and Frank Bianchi reach out to patients on the organ transplant list and offer support.

Red Hearts275

Back From the Brink. But Why?

Tags: Dr. Randall Starling, heart failure, heart transplant, patient story

Most people on a heart transplant list won't get better on their own, but one young man came back from the brink. Transplant cardiologist, Randall Starling, MD, asks how.