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3 Ways to Teach Kids About Giving

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The holidays are an opportunity to teach your children about the importance — and joy — of giving back to the community. The benefits of these lessons go way beyond childhood, too. Find some tips to introducing the importance of giving back, even from a young age.

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Why Giving is Good for Your Health

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When you are generous, you don’t just make others happy. According to various research studies, you are also boosting your own health.

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Prevent Kids From Swallowing Button Batteries

Tags: batteries, child safety, choking hazard, holiday season 2012

You know those tiny button batteries that power holiday toys? Don’t leave them lying around small children or pets. If swallowed, they’re a choking and poisoning hazard.

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‘Tis the Season for Headaches? (Video)

Tags: Headaches, holiday season 2012, migraine headaches, stress, tension headaches

Doctors say it’s not uncommon to see an increase in people complaining about migraines this time of the year. Changes in diet, scents and sleep patterns are all triggers. So be aware --and maybe go easy on the pine-scented candles.

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Get Your Holiday Cheer On

Tags: holiday season 2012, stress

Do you have gifts to buy, parties to plan, and lots of activities to squeeze in between now and New Year’s Day? It's easy to feel overwhelmed and to lose sight of the fun at this time of year. Psychologist Michael McKee, PhD, has three simple mood-lifting tips.

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Diabetes: 6 Holiday Survival Tips

Tags: blood sugar, diabetes, glucose, healthy diet, holiday season 2012, obesity, snacking, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes

The holidays tempt us with sugary, rich foods. Is it OK to indulge a little, even though you have diabetes? Marwan Hamaty, MD, talks about holiday challenges for those with diabetes.

woman putting credit card in her mouth

How to Deal With Dirty Money and Hidden Credit Card Germs (Video)

Tags: germs, holiday season 2012, hygiene, staph infection

You know all that money you’re spending over the holidays? It’s jam-packed with germs. So keep your hands clean and your credit cards wiped down.

scared child on Santa's lap

Santa for Children With Autism

Tags: autism, autistic, holiday season 2012

With some planning, parents can offer their children with autism a satisfying experience with Santa. Here are five tips for making the trek to see Santa a merry one.


Recipe: For a Healthy Holiday, Make it Mediterranean

Tags: diet, foods from around the world, heart health, holiday season 2012, nutrition, Recipes

The Mediterranean diet is not only delicious, it’s healthy. Give these heart-healthy recipes a try.

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Stockings Stuffed With
Healthy Goodness

Tags: holiday season 2012

It may be tempting to fill your kids’ Christmas stocking with candy and sweet goodies. If you want to try a healthier route, find alternatives that encourage better eating and exercise habits.