Nutrition Facts label

How New Nutrition Label Will Help You Eat Wisely

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A new Nutrition Facts label is coming to a store near you. The FDA announced proposed revisions aimed at simplifying the familiar panel, which appears on nearly 700,000 packaged foods and beverages.

See the results of our HealthHub Knockout below — and get tips for working leafy greens into your diet in Spinach vs. Kale

Kale vs. Spinach: Which Is Heart-Healthier? (Infographic)

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Kale and spinach — both “super veggies” — are packed with nutrients. Find out whether spinach or kale is better for your heart. Our dietitians also offer pointers on how to work leafy greens into your diet.

cereal with berries

Heart Health: Eat Breakfast, Frequent Meals

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Calorie counters miss the mark by skipping breakfast. It's well known that regular, healthy meals help balance blood sugar and regulate weight. And, you might also be cheating yourself out of a healthy heart.

Asparagus spears

15 Organic Foods That Won’t Make You Healthier

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Is going organic worth the money for health advantages? For these foods, the benefits may not be worth the price tag.

The Skinny On Nutrition Labels

The Skinny on Nutrition Labels (Infographic)

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Eating healthy will lower your risks of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Use the Nutrition Facts Label as a tool for tracking nutrients and comparing products at the grocery store.

group of college kids sitting around a pizza

Tips to Avoid the ‘Freshman 15’ (Video)

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The tradition of putting on several extra pounds freshman year is one no one wants to keep. Dietitian Laura Jeffers talks about ways to avoid the ‘Freshman 15’ trap.

90% of Americans do not consume enough fiber. Cleveland Clinic HealthHub

Try Fiber for Healthy Heart, Svelte Body

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Most of us are missing something essential in our diets. It's not only good for your heart and digestion but it also helps you lose weight. It's fiber, and 90 percent of Americans don't get enough of it.


‘Power Up’ Your Diet for a Healthy Heart!

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We like to power walk. Sometimes we take power naps. And power yoga has grown in popularity. Now, it’s time to think “power foods”—because eating power foods means we can actually fight heart disease as we age.


Multivitamins: Are They Worth It?

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About 40 percent of Americans take daily vitamins, but do they help prevent illness? One expert says that studies show that multivitamins won’t protect most people against common diseases.


Heart-healthy Vitamins: Ally or False Friend?

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You're taking your health to heart — controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol, and hitting the trail instead of the remote control. But is taking a specialty vitamin a must for cardiac health?