man tearing his shirt off isolated on white

Father Enlists Superhero in Fight Against Cancer

Tags: cancer, cancer treatment, chemotherapy, patient story, video

When an Ohio father started cancer treatment, he came up with a unique way to explain his therapy to his three young children in terms they could understand: He enlisted Captain America.

Letters On Tabletop

How Letters Bind Doctors to Their Patients

Tags: cancer, leukemia, patient story

When he entered the exam room to see his first patient of the day, Mikkael Sekeres, MD, finds a doctor from another department sitting in his chair, typing away at the computer on his tiny desk. Read more in an excerpt of his New York Times essay, "Letters to the Doctor."


One Man’s Journey to a Lobectomy

Tags: heart and vascular institute, heart surgery, innovation, patient story, robotic thoracic lobectomy

A patient shares his story about a new minimally invasive thoracic procedure that would not only cure his ailment, but also provide him with a swift and relatively pain-free recovery.


Skiing Marathons Soon After Surgery

Tags: A-Fib, activity, arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, cardiac surgery, mitral valve repair, patient story

Jay Wiener completed two cross-country ski marathons within two months of a mitral valve repair at Cleveland Clinic. His inspirational story gives others confidence in a complete recovery.


Back On the Ice (Video)

Tags: abnormal heart beat, aortic aneurysm, heart murmur, heart videos, minimally invasive surgery, patient story, video

NHL hockey player turned coach, Teppo Numminen, bounced back after a heart condition took him off the ice in 2007. To this day he uses the experience of his surgery to coach his team.


Patient’s New High-Tech Run At Life (Video)

Tags: active life, amputation, ertl procedure, heart and vascular institute, heart videos, innovation, patient story, running, vascular, video

Patient gets a new run at life with a high-tech amputation revision. The high-tech Ertl procedure, in which a more radical amputation is performed, can dramatically improve people’s ability to engage in weight-bearing activities.

Robot-Assisted Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Robotic Bypass & Back to Life (Video)

Tags: coronary artery disease, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart attack, heart disease, heart surgery, innovation, patient story, robotic surgery

Robotic bypass surgery saved the life of this patient, who was flown to Cleveland Clinic while suffering a heart attack. Watch cardiovascular surgeon Stephanie Mick, MD, and the robot at work.

Linda Shaw in Snowflake Costume

A Racing Heart

Tags: arrhythmia, defibrillator, exercise, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, pacemaker, patient story

Linda Shaw is an avid runner, and she always dresses in costume when she races so she can spark conversation on why it’s so important to seek medical care you can trust.

ironman race

Flatline to Finish Line

Tags: exercise, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, heart surgery, patient story, prevention

Eight months after open-heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic, Ellen Charnley finished her first Ironman race. Last year, she trained for another as part of a documentary film.

Kim Sander

Breast Cancer Survivor Treated for Heart Issue

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, cardio-oncology, diagnostic test, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, medications, patient story, prevention

Cleveland Clinic Cardio-Oncology Center helps breast cancer survivor beat heart condition, too.