Injured During Marathon Training? Here’s How to Get Back In Stride

Tags: marathon, marathons, runner, running, sports medicine

Marathon runners push the body’s limit to increase their exercise capacity. But they shouldn't ignore recurrent pain or discomfort that lasts after adequate rest. Find expert tips to recovering from injury.

NFL player on field

Ex-NFL Players Put ‘Trust’ in Cleveland Clinic

Tags: Concussions, innovation, sports injuries, sports medicine

Long-term effects of sports-related collisions are a growing concern, especially for retired pro football players. The National Football League Players Association and Cleveland Clinic team up to do something about it.


Suspect a Concussion? What You Need to Know

Tags: brain, brain health, Competitive Edge, Concussions, sports injuries, sports medicine

Some 1.6 to 3.8 million concussions occur each year across the United States. What are the warning signs? How can you self-treat until you can see a medical professional?

kid sliding into base

Youth Sports Safety

Tags: child safety, orthopaedic, sports injury, sports medicine, youth sports

If your kid plays sports, it’s important to push them, but it’s also important to know when to ease off. An expert offers tips to avoiding injuries by knowing when kids need a break.