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Facts about TAVR

When Valve Surgery Is Not an Option, Think TAVR

Tags: aortic stenosis, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, heart surgery, heart valve disease, percutaneous heart valve, stents, TAVR

TAVR is a growing option for patients with aortic stenosis who need a new valve, but are considered too high risk for surgery. See how it works.


Know Your Best Options When You’re Facing Restenosis

Tags: angioplasty, balloon angioplasty, brachytherapy, coronary blockages, heart, heart and vascular institute, restenosis, stents

If you're told your arteries are clogging up even after you had a stent placed, (known as restenosis) there are treatments to remedy the problem. Here's what you need to know about causes and remedies.


When Your Heart Stents Narrow, Brachytherapy Can Help

Tags: angioplasty, balloon angioplasty, brachytherapy, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, innovation, stents

Interventional cardiologists are now using brachytherapy — a radiation treatment usually used to treat cancer — to re-open clogged arteries.

Improving Your Heart's Blood Flow Without Surgery

Improving Your Heart’s Blood Flow Without Surgery (Video)

Tags: angioplasty, arteries, cad-videos, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, stents

When medications or lifestyle changes don’t improve blood flow to the heart, angioplasty or stenting may help without surgery. Here's how.

jump rope in the shape of a heart

Restoring Circulation to Your Carotid Artery: 2 Options

Tags: carotid artery disease, carotid endarterectomy, carotid stent, head and neck cancer, stents

If your doctor recommends a procedure to restore circulation to a carotid artery (or what is called “revascularization”), you need to know about two options: carotid endarterectomy and carotid stenting.

heart stents on a fingertip

Researchers Study New Stent’s Pros, Cons

Tags: atherosclerosis, cardiology, stents

Experimental, bioabsorbable scaffolds are designed to keep blood vessels open and improve blood flow. Researchers are exploring the pros and cons of this advanced stent.

ECG heartbeat

Stenting 101

Tags: heart attack, heart disease, stent, stents

Former President George W. Bush has had a stent inserted to clear a blockage in his artery. So what’s involved in this procedure?


Surgery Over Stents for Patients With Complex Disease

Tags: coronary artery bypass grafting, coronary artery disease, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, heart surgery, news, research, stents, vascular disease

A recent study found lower overall composite risk for heart attack, stroke and death for patients with coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery as compared to balloon angioplasty and/or stenting.

Steven Nissen, MD

Caring for Patients With Multiple Coronary Stents (Video)

Tags: Dr. Steven Nissen, heart health, stents, vascular surgery

What should you do if you have to keep coming back to have additional stents placed?

Daniel Clair, MD

Stents Vent Iliac and Vena Cava Clots (Video)

Tags: cleveland clinic, Dr. Daniel Clair, stents, vascular surgery

Inferior vena cava or iliac vein clots can cause discomfort, swell the legs and inhibit mobility. Daniel Clair, MD, chair of Vascular Surgery, discusses how stents can offer relief.