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Can Disrupted Sleep Make Your Cancer Worse?

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We know disturbed sleep can result in lowered alertness the next day. While a recent study suggests serious repercussions for cancer patients, its value may lie in providing a basis for more research.

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6 Tips for Happy, Healthy Holidays (Slideshow)

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As you make your final holiday preparations — shopping, cooking, traveling — keep these simple tips in mind.

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Don’t Take the Holidays Too Much to Heart

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We tend to overdo during the holiday season, causing extra stress on the heart. So ’tis also the season for more heart-related trips to the emergency room. Watch for these signs of trouble.

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Quick Yoga Moves to Help Ease Holiday Stress (Video)

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During the hectic holiday season, your stress levels tend to ramp up. So this is a perfect time to quiet the mind and body with yoga. Most of us practice yoga every day, we just don’t call it that.

9 coping strategies for stress relief from Cleveland Clinic (Infographic) HealthHub

Stressed? Try These Tips and Not These Temptations (Infographic)

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Even the cheeriest of holidays can be stressful -- but stress isn't all bad. The key, experts say, is to know how to ease off the pressure in healthy ways -- and not give in to the temptations of unhealthy stress-tamers.

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Stay Joyful: 7 Ways to Ease Holiday Stress

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It’s easy to let holiday stress get the best of you. But, it doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be that way. Follow these expert tips for keeping the good tidings in your season.

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Tis the Season: Eat This, Don’t Stress About That

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Yikes! The holidays are here and you’re stressing and craving comfort foods that are high in salt, sugar and trans fats. Try these dietary strategies to relieve your stress — and skip the guilt.


Easing Heart Disease for a Loved One

Tags: Be Well e-News, behavioral health clinic, cardiovascular health, caregiver, healthcare provider, healthy diet, heart disease, heart health, physical activity, stress

Again and again, we hear that heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S. When a loved one is diagnosed with heart disease, there is going to be a need for lifestyle adjustments for everyone.

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6 Ways Phones and Tablets Affect Your Health (Slideshow)

Tags: computer vision syndrome, dry eyes, neck pain, slideshow, smartphones, stress, technology

Smartphones and tablets enrich our lives, but they also come with health risks. A few healthy habits can help you avoid those risks.

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How to De-stress Homework

Tags: back to school, growing pains of parenting, homework, stress

No child likes doing homework. But does it have to be such an emotional drama every night? A pediatric psychologist offers help with managing the schoolwork.