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7 Questions About Your Thyroid Cancer Surgery Answered

Tags: cancer, hormone replacement therapy, hormone therapy, thyroid, thyroid cancer, thyroid surgery

Surgery to remove the thyroid is the most common treatment for thyroid cancer. An endocrine surgeon provides answers seven common questions patients have about what happens after surgery.

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Do Your Genes Increase Your Risk of Getting Cancer Twice?

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, endometrial cancer, genetics, PTEN gene, research, thyroid cancer

According to a new study, people with a certain genetic mutation have a higher chance of developing cancer not once, but twice. Find out what the research means for patients.

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New Hope for Late-stage Thyroid Cancer Patients

Tags: thyroid, thyroid cancer, thyroid disorders

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first new drug in 40 years to treat advanced thyroid cancer, giving patients new hope for more time.


Uncontrolled Thyroid: Exercise, Diet Risks

Tags: exercise, healthy diet, hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, parathyroid disorders, parathyroid glands, thyroid, thyroid cancer, thyroid disease, thyroid disorders, thyroid gland

It’s easy to assume exercise and natural supplements are always beneficial for people with thyroid conditions – but even exercise can be dangerous if thyroid conditions are not properly diagnosed and controlled first.

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Can Vitamin E Help Prevent Cancer?

Tags: breast cancer, cancer, Cowden Syndrome, genetic disorder, genetics, thyroid cancer, vitamin e

A study shows the preventive power of vitamin E in certain people with Cowden Syndrome, a genetic disorder that leads to high cancer risk.

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Why You Can Beat Thyroid Cancer

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What's the survival rate for thyroid cancer if diagnosed early? 100 percent. It's a home run when you realize that thyroid cancer is the fastest-growing cancer among men and second-fastest among women. Thanks to research, we know more than ever about this group of diseases, while improved genetic counseling and screening mean you can do something about it.

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Thyroid: Is Your Body Tricking You?

Tags: goiter, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid, thyroid cancer, thyroid disease, thyroid disorders

Feeling tired, gaining or losing a few pounds, or having trouble sleeping? These common complaints can be symptoms of a thyroid disorder. Find out if you should be concerned.

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Thyroid Cancer: Does It Run in the Family?

Tags: cancer diagnosis, genetic counseling, genetics, personalized healthcare, PTEN gene, thyroid awareness month 2013, thyroid cancer

Learn what you need to know about the genetics of thyroid cancer. The best stat of all: There's a 100 percent survival rate if the disease is diagnosed early.

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Early Warning for Thyroid Cancer

Tags: cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, genetics, genomics, PTEN gene, thyroid awareness month 2013, thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer has a survival rate of nearly 100 percent if caught in its first two stages. That's why researchers work to help doctors catch the disease earlier than ever before.

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The Genetics of Cancer

Tags: cancer treatments, chronic myeloid leukemia, genetics, personalized healthcare, pharmacogenetics, research, thyroid cancer

What if you could take a pill twice a day to treat cancer instead of going through surgery or other difficult treatments? Sound far-fetched? It’s not, thanks to genetic research and personalized medicine.