Weight-Loss Surgery Can Improve Type 1 Diabetes

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Many studies have shown that weight-loss surgery can improve or even reverse symptoms of type 2 diabetes. A new study led by a Cleveland Clinic physician shows the same surgery can help people with type 1 diabetes.

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Can Surgery Help More People With Diabetes?

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For morbidly obese adults suffering from diabetes, bariatric surgery is a great treatment option. Now a new study finds even non-morbidly obese people with the disease may benefit from the surgery.

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Want Weight Loss Without Surgery?

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Are you weighing surgical vs. non-surgical weight loss options? Karen Cooper, DO, offers insight into how this decision is made, common medications that can help, as well as secrets of patients who have been successful without surgery.

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Chat With a Doctor: Bariatric Surgery & Diabetes

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Ask questions and get answers about the link between weight and diabetes from Cleveland Clinic physicians during a live webchat on Thursday, June 28, 2012, at noon (ET).