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Find tips for daily living with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, treatments such as deep brain stimulation, and the latest breakthroughs in treating epilepsy, brain tumors and more from our Neurological Institute.

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If Your Child Has Autism, Perception Matters

Tags: ASD, autism, autism spectrum disorder, behavioral therapy

A joke, a laugh, subtle body language — understanding these social cues doesn’t come easily for people with autism.

Photos of equipment in O.R. and Dr.Lobel

Deep Brain Stimulation Now More Comfortable for Patients

Tags: brain health, Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), essential tremor, Parkinson's, Parkinson's Disease, tremors

A frameless deep brain stimulation procedure abandons the heavy, metal frame in the OR and customizes the platform for each patient. A more comfortable approach achieves the same results.

Smiling senior woman in her car

How to Tell If It’s Still Safe for Your Aging Parent to Drive

Tags: drive, elderly, geriatric, geriatric health, Hearing loss, safety, senior safety, vision loss

Adult children can use these tips to help ensure their aging parents can drive safely.

Surgical Team Working In Operating Theatre

Hard-to-Treat Epilepsy? Surgical Advances May Help You

Tags: ablation, electroencephalogram (EEG), epilepsy, hypothalamic hamartoma, hypothalamus, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), MRI, responsive neurostimulation therapy (RNS), seizures, Tumors

A new surgical procedure implants a neurostimulator to relieve seizures in people with epilepsy that have not been helped by medications and have no other surgical options.

Scientist using a microscope

New Research Works to Unlock Mystery of Huntington’s Disease

Tags: brain health, dimentia, essential tremor, genetics, Huntington's disease, memory, mental health, mTORC1, Parkinson's, Parkinson's Disease, protein, study, tremors

New research offers insight about Huntington's Disease, a devastating, progressive condition that can cause uncontrollable movement, emotional disturbances and psychiatric problems.

sleep walking girl

What to Do If You or Someone Else Is a SleepWalker

Tags: sleep, sleep apnea, sleep disorders, sleep testing, sleepwalking

How do you know when someone is sleepwalking and how do you help them? Learn about causes, symptoms and prevention of sleepwalking in adults and children.

Couple with laptop

6 Tips for Reading Your Own Medical Records

Tags: electronic health records, Electronic Medical Records, onine medical records, personal health records

Technology is making your electronic medical records an open book for you, but it’s not an easy read. Get 6 tips on how to approach your EMR.

Closeup on cotton swabs in hand of woman

Do You Have Ear Wax Buildup? Read These Do’s and Don’ts

Tags: ear, ear infections, ears ringing, hearing, hearing aid, hearing exam, Hearing loss, hygiene

You’ve all heard it before: Never put anything in your ears. Yet people still do it sometimes in an effort to clean them. Find ear wax do's and don'ts -- and why some ear wax is actually good for your ears.

Herpes simplex virus

Does Your Cold Sore Mean You’ll Get Alzheimer’s Disease?

Tags: Alzheimer's, Alzheimer’s disease, herpes, herpes zoster virus

What do cold sores and Alzheimer’s disease have in common? A pair of new studies suggests there could be a link between an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and the herpes virus that gives you cold sores.

Clock Illustration End of Summer time

Daylight Savings Time: 4 Tips to Help Your Body Adjust

Tags: daylight savings time, fall, sleep, sleep hygeine

Stick to your normal routine, with a few minor changes, to help your body adjust to fall and spring time shifts without suffering from as much sleepiness. Find other tips to managing time changes.