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Mammograms Save Lives — But They Can Get Better

Tags: biopsy, breast cancer, innovation, mammogram, mammograms, ultrasound

The timing and frequency of mammograms has become controversial. In the future, a new imaging tool could reduce or eliminate mammogram concerns.

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Guide to Genetic Testing: What Happens, What You Learn

Tags: genetic counseling, genetic disorder, genetic information, genetic testing, genetics, health screenings

Genetic counseling provides risk assessment information that can’t affect your insurance rates. In fact, insurance companies are now required to cover the cost of genetic testing under the Affordable Care Act.

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How You Can Give Prostate Cancer the ‘Cold Treatment’

Tags: cryotherapy, hormone therapy, innovations, prostate, prostate cancer, PSA, PSA screening, treatments

Here’s a less-known, but effective, prostate cancer treatment: freeze the cancer cells. Cryotherapy offers an excellent option for some prostate cancer patients, experts say.

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If You Are a Cancer Survivor, This Is a Must Read

Tags: b-aware, brain metastases, brain metastasis, breast cancer, cancer, Headaches, kidney cancer, lung cancer, lung cancer awareness month 2012, melanoma, paralysis, radiosurgery, radiotherapy, seizures

It's a hard reality: One-fourth of people who survive some common cancers go on to develop a brain tumor. But if cancer survivors know these nine symptoms, they can allow for early detection and better treatment.

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10 Biggest Cancer Clinical Trial Myths Busted

People have a lot of misconceptions about cancer clinical research trials. They might think patients mostly just take sugar pills thinking it is actual treatment. Learn the truth about the 10 most common myths.

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Doctors Use Hot Water Bags to Treat Cancer

Tags: cancer, cancer treatment, hyperthermia, innovations, radiation therapy

It’s a low-tech but powerful tool in the fight against some cancers. Hyperthermia delivers targeted heat to fight stubborn cancer cells and protect healthy cells. It's often used in conjunction with radiation.

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New Tool Estimates Your Risk for Colorectal Cancer

Tags: cancer risk, cancer treatment, colon, colon cancer, colonoscopy, health screenings

A new tool developed by Cleveland Clinic physicians now allows physicians to quickly and accurately predict a patient’s individual risk of colorectal cancer based on long-term research from diverse populations.

Colon cancer rates in the U.S. dropped by 30 percent over a decade (2000 to 2010) Infographic HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic

Colonoscopies Are Saving More Lives (Infographic)

Tags: colon, colon cancer, colonoscopy, health hub number, infographic

The thought of getting a colonoscopy is scary to many people. But research shows a 30 percent drop in colon cancer rates in the U.S. in the last decade (2000 to 2010). Experts say screening allows for early detection — fostering more successful treatments that save lives.

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How Letters Bind Doctors to Their Patients

Tags: cancer, leukemia, patient story

When he entered the exam room to see his first patient of the day, Mikkael Sekeres, MD, finds a doctor from another department sitting in his chair, typing away at the computer on his tiny desk. Read more in an excerpt of his New York Times essay, "Letters to the Doctor."

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How You Can Help a Spouse With Cancer

Tags: Be Well e-News, cancer, cancer answer line, cancer treatment, caregivers

You may feel completely unprepared to help your spouse or partner. Know that you are in a position to make an enormous impact on your spouse’s experience of treatment and recovery.