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Children’s Health

Cleveland Clinic Children’s is nationally ranked in pediatric care in 2013 by U.S. News & World Report. Here you can find information on keeping your children healthy, plus treatments for autism, congenital heart defects, neonatology issues and more from Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

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9 Tips for Summer Snacks

9 Tips for Summer Snacks

Tags: fruits and vegetables, ice cream, Recipes, snacking

Follow tips from pediatric registered dietitian Jennifer Willoughby, RD, LD, to learn how your children can enjoy their favorite summertime snacks without the added sugars or artificial flavors.

kid in car

Kid Safety: 5 Myths About Hot Car Dangers

Tags: child safety, dehydration, summer, summer safety

Every year, children die after being left in the car on a hot day -- even just for a few minutes. There are some misconceptions about this issue. Learn the truth and find practical tips to keep your kids safe.

How to Keep Your Kids Hydrated

H2O: What Parents Need to Know

Tags: children's health, growing pains of parenting, hydration, summer, water

More than half of children and teens do not drink enough fluids. Deb Lonzer, MD, shares some helpful tips to incorporate and maintain healthy drinking habits so your kids stay hydrated.

Head Lice: What You're Itching to Know (Infographic)

Head Lice: What You’re Itching to Know (Infographic)

Tags: children, growing pains of parenting, hair, lice

How to identify, treat and protect your child against head lice. (No, you’re not lazy and no, you can’t blame the dog.)

mom and daughter holding anti-bullying signs

Parents’ Cyberbullying Guide: How to Spot It and Stop It

Tags: back to school, bullying, growing pains of parenting

It’s a brave new world of bullying: Cyberbullying isn’t limited to a school yard and can happen anytime through technology and emerging social media. Parents, do you find it hard to keep up? Find expert tips to guiding your kids and teens.

Adorable newborn lying on the blanket

Does Your Baby Have Jaundice? When You Should Worry

Tags: blood transfusion, breast feeding, breast milk, childbirth, growing pains of parenting, health screenings, jaundice, phototherapy

Neonatal jaundice is not preventable, but it isn’t always a cause for concern. Know the difference between mild cases and severe cases that require a doctor’s attention.

Shot of a father and son enjoying a piggyback ride on the beach

How Bonding With Your Children Helps Them Out in Life

Tags: child psychology, childbirth, family, growing pains of parenting, mental health, parenting

Sunday is Father’s Day, a time when many dads will be treated like kings – and rightfully so! A healthy and positive father-child relationship provides countless benefits for kids of all ages, from babies to teenagers.

babysitter with small child

5 Things Your Babysitter Needs When You Take an Extended Trip

Tags: emergency, emergency care, growing pains of parenting, travel, travel tips, vacation

If you’re planning to travel and leave your child with a sitter, it’s best to provide them with a notarized consent form for any medical emergencies.

Girl with intense focus

For Females With Autism, Differences Matter

Tags: autism, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), children's health, diagnosis, research

Most people think of autism as a male condition, but autism affects females, too. It just affects them differently.

child female allergic flowers sick pollen

How You Can Help Your Child Find Relief from Hay Fever

Tags: allergies, allergy medications, allergy prevention, hay fever, hayfever, seasonal allergies, sneezing

Seasonal allergy sufferers of all ages have been battling brutal symptoms this spring. But if you’re a parent, there’s no reason to restrict your children’s outdoor activities because they have hay fever.