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female athlete with muscles

6 Do’s and Don’ts for Athletes Losing Weight

Tags: athletes, calories and weight loss, exercise, healthy diet, sugar, weight gain, weight loss

If you're an athlete who wants to lose weight for a performance edge, find out the best ways to go about it -- and what to avoid.

woman wearing pink tank top with hands together

How Yoga Can Help Breast Cancer Patients With Radiation

Tags: breast cancer, breast cancer treatment, cancer, radiation, yoga

A new study finds that yoga improves quality of life and lessens fatigue for breast cancer patients who are undergoing radiation therapy.

Woman in pain

When Fistula Interferes With Your Life, Get Help

Tags: childbirth, Crohn's disease, digestive disease, digestive health, fistula

If your bowels and urinary tract are like a plumbing system, a fistula is like an untrained plumber — connecting things that should not be connected. The good news: It is typically treatable.

toilet paper

Rectal Bleeding: What a Doctor Wants You to Know

Tags: colon, colon cancer, colon cleansing, colonoscopy, colorectal cancer, fissures, hemorrhoids, Meagan Costedio, rectal bleeding, rectal cancer

Minor rectal bleeding can be alarming. Most of us worry that it's a sign of colon cancer. While it's important to tell your doctor about rectal bleeding, the two most common causes are easy to fix.

mosquito on skin

Don’t Let the Summer Bugs Bite (Video)

Tags: bacterial infection, bug bite, CDC, fever, healthhub number, infographic, Lyme Disease, mosquito, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, ticks, West Nile Virus

Bug bites are mostly just annoying. But when do mosquito bites or ticks need further attention? An expert explains what to watch for.

Class resting on mats in row at yoga class

5 Best Tips to Get Started Doing Yoga

Tags: exercise, yoga

Some people think as they get older, they just get less flexible. But yoga can counteract this tendency and do so much more to keep you feeling good. Find five tips to getting started with yoga at any age.

Senior man swimmer with towel

5 Best Exercises for People with Diabetes

Tags: dancing, diabetes, diabetes treatment, exercise, ketoacidosis, swimming, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, walking, yoga

If you have diabetes, regular exercise offers surprising benefits. As it lowers your stress levels, it lowers your blood sugar level. Find the five best exercises for people with diabetes.

woman awake in bed

5 Ways You Can Conquer Restless Legs at Night

Tags: Insomnia, restless legs syndrome, sleep

You are lying in bed trying to fall asleep. But you can’t nod off because of an overwhelming urge to move your legs. What’s going on? You might have Restless Legs Syndrome.

fish oil supplements in a sardine can

Fish Oil Supplements, Vitamins Won’t Lower Your Cholesterol

Tags: cholesterol, fish oil, heart health, multivitamins, omega, omega-3, stroke, triglycerides, vitamins, vitamins and supplements

If you’re taking supplements like fish oil or a multi-vitamin in the hopes of improving your cholesterol counts, save your money. There are better, more effective strategies.

fiber and apples

How Fiber Moves Through You (Video)

Tags: breakfast, fiber, healthy diet, heart health, videos, weight loss

Learn how your intestines process food, and what fiber can do for you. Discover an easy way to tell when you’re eating enough fiber.