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Noninvasive Test Can Help You Avoid Heart Attack

Doctors use risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, body-mass index, gender and age to help determine the likelihood someone will suffer a future heart attack. However, risk prediction is an inaccurate science. Too often, someone thought to be at low or intermediate risk has an unexpected heart attack or dies … Read More

Predict Your Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke

How likely are you to have a heart attack or stroke? A simple blood test can help predict your risk. The PLAC® Test measures an enzyme, Lp-PLA2, that is produced when your arteries are inflamed and plaque (fatty buildup) is at risk of rupturing. When a rupture occurs, a blood clot forms over it, sometimes … Read More

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Sports Beat: What to Expect When Your Doctor Orders an ECG

Back to school time means back to sports. Before training begins you will often be required to complete a pre-participation athletic screening. Generally, this involves filling out a form that asks you questions about your medical history and your family’s. For most athletes, the screening stops there. However, when a physician feels that an athlete’s … Read More

The Tests You Don’t Need

Can you be tested to death? Possibly. Consensus is building that Americans are getting too many medical tests. One unnecessary test can lead to another. And unnecessary tests can sometimes lead to risky and unnecessary medical procedures. All of this is driving up the cost of healthcare. At the same time, appropriate medical testing is … Read More