Heart Transplant Patients Enjoying Longer Lives

In 2014, the Cleveland Clinic’s Cardiac Transplant Program marked its 30th anniversary, having performed more than 1,600 heart transplants in that time. About 4,000 heart transplantation procedures are performed annually worldwide. Cleveland Clinic’s program is the fifth largest heart transplant program in the country and the largest in Ohio. The program boasts survival rates of … Read More

Technique Beefs Up Your Heart’s Pumping Power

Our hearts rely on perfectly timed contractions to squeeze and refill an average of 100,000 times a day. When the electrical impulses driving this process are not uniform, certain areas of the main pumping chamber of the heart (left ventricle) may contract earlier than others. This reduces the heart’s ability to pump effectively, causing fatigue, … Read More

Biggest Change for Heart Medicine in a Decade?

People with cardiovascular disease can expect two new, potentially life-changing medications to become available in 2015. These “spectacular therapeutic breakthroughs are nearing FDA approval and both have enormous potential,” wrote Steven Nissen, MD, Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic, in a recent post on MedPage Today. There have not been changes this big in … Read More

Does a Drink a Day Help You Prevent Heart Failure?

It’s not the first time we have heard that drinking a little alcohol may have health benefits. But a recent study published in the European Heart Journal has reignited the discussion. Seven drinks per week Over two decades, researchers studied the heart health of more than 14,000 adults, ages 45 to 64. Study participants were … Read More