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fish oil supplements in a sardine can

Fish Oil Supplements, Vitamins Won’t Lower Your Cholesterol

Tags: cholesterol, fish oil, heart health, multivitamins, omega, omega-3, stroke, triglycerides, vitamins, vitamins and supplements

If you’re taking supplements like fish oil or a multi-vitamin in the hopes of improving your cholesterol counts, save your money. There are better, more effective strategies.

Men eating watermelon

Summer’s Bounty: Top 5 Healthy Foods for Your Heart

Tags: healthy diet, heart and vascular institute, heart health

The brimming bounty of summer offers a wealth of healthy eating. Find out what juicy subject of a recent blood pressure study sweetens our list of the top 5 best heart-healthy summer foods.

bright green leaves-marijuana plant

4 Reasons for Heart Patients to be Cautious About Marijuana

Tags: heart and vascular institute, heart health, marijuana, risk factors

Legalization and public acceptance of marijuana have outpaced scientific information on the drug. Doctors debate effects on heart health, urge more study.

Ventricular Tachycardia

Disturbances In Your Heart: Ventricular Tachycardia (Video)

Tags: abnormal heart beat, Dr. Tchou, heart and vascular institute, heart video, ventricular tachycardia, video, whiteboard sessions

While extra heartbeats aren’t uncommon, sometimes they are long and sustained and signal a potentially serious issue. This can be caused by scarring from past heart attacks and other issues.

girl eating watermelon

It’s Never Too Early for You to Prevent Heart Disease

Tags: children heart, heart and vascular institute, heart disease, heart health, high cholesterol

Heart disease usually affects older adults, but risk can develop early in life: Studies find 1 in 3 children have high cholesterol levels. Some experts recommend screening for kids aged 9 to 11.

Pacemaker helping the heart keep pace

Helping Your Heart Keep Pace (Video)

Tags: heart and vascular institute, heart rate, heart rhythm, heart rhythm whiteboard, heart video, heartbeat, pacemaker, video, Walid Saliba MD, whiteboard sessions

Sometimes a dangerously slow heartbeat occurs because the natural “battery” of the heart isn’t working as it should, or there’s another issue with the heart’s electrical system. Here’s how a pacemaker can help.

blood pressure gauge

How High Is Too High for Your Blood Pressure?

Tags: blood pressure, heart, heart and vascular institute, heart health, high blood pressure, stroke

Updated JNC guidelines might change how doctors treat high blood pressure, but some panel members specifically protested one recommendation. Find out about the controversy and how it affects you.

What's next after cardiac surgery?

Returning to Normal Activities After Your Heart Surgery (Video)

Tags: Dr. Sabik, heart and vascular institute, heart surgery, heart videos, post-surgery recovery, rehabilitation, video

After cardiac surgery, you want to be normal right away. Take time to heal, join a cardiac rehabilitation program, and your heart and body will thank you now and later.

When not to worry

When Not to Worry About Your Irregular Heart Rhythms (Video)

Tags: abnormal heart beat, Dr. Tchou, heart and vascular institute, heart video, video, whiteboard sessions

Almost everyone gets a feeling of extra heartbeats from time to time. While certain types of irregular heartbeats can be very serious and indicative of a serious health issue, sometimes there’s no reason for worry.

cooking with oil

7 Things You Should Know About Cooking With Oil

Tags: almond oil, canola oil, cooking, cooking oils, diet, healthy diet, heart and vascular institute, heart-healthy oils, oils, olive oil, Recipes, sunflower oil

When it comes to cooking with oils, do you have to choose between cooking for taste or cooking for health? People have strong opinions about what’s best. Here are seven tips to help you decide.