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New Medications May Stop Your Recurrent Pericarditis

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Pericarditis disables otherwise healthy young adults after injury or infection. New drugs offer hope when repeat bouts of the inflammatory disease resist traditional treatment.

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Old Gout Drug Could Help Your Heart, Hurt Your Wallet

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A decades-old medication for treating gout takes on new life in preventing recurrent pericarditis, (inflammation of the sac that surrounds the heart). With its new name comes a hefty price increase, however. Cardiologists heard an update on the drug colchicine at a recent cardiology expo. Here's what they learned.

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Massive Chest Pain May Not Be Heart Attack

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Massive chest pain that feels like a heart attack might be something else: acute pericarditis, a potentially life-threatening inflammation of the sac around the heart. It's not a heart attack, but can feel like one.


Radiation Can Cause Heart Issues—Years Later (Video)

Tags: Bruce Lytle MD, cancer and heart, cardiac issues, cardio-oncologist, Cardiomyopathy, heart and vascular institute, heart videos, pericardial disease, radiation therapy, valvular heart disease, video

Receiving radiation to the chest to treat cancer may increase the risk of developing heart issues later in life. Cardiac surgeon Bruce Lytle, MD, explains what to look out for and how a specialist called a cardio-oncologist can help.

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Pericardial Disease: New Imaging Map Speeds Care

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Pericardial disease is a disease of the sac that surrounds your heart. It can be a serious condition, and making the right diagnosis is part of the challenge of treating it correctly.


Pericarditis and Pericardial Condition Web Chat today

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Many people have a condition called pericarditis - or may have other conditions such as infections, cysts, or effusions affecting the pericardium.

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From Pericarditis to Completing a Half Marathon

Tags: cleveland clinic, heart and vascular institute, patient story, pericardial, pericarditis

We asked patient Justin Mohler if he would allow us to post this letter of thanks he wrote to Allan Klein, MD.

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When Should You Have Surgery for Pericarditis?

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Read the transcript from our web chat about pericardial disease hosted by Cleveland Clinic physicians.

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The Quality of Life….. One Man’s Journey via Cleveland Clinic

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Don Dershem was born into a family with a lengthy history of the sudden death at young ages. His own father died at the age of 36, leaving this 7 yr old trying to understand what it all meant.