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New Medications May Stop Your Recurrent Pericarditis

New medications may provide new options for pericarditis patients, including those in their teens. A common cause of chest pain in young patients, pericarditis is an inflammation of the sac or lining of the heart. Recurrent pericarditis can occur in up to 30 percent of pericarditis patients. Some patients don’t respond well to traditional medications … Read More

Pericarditis and Pericardial Condition Web Chat today

Many people have a condition called pericarditis – or may have other conditions such as infections, cysts, or effusions affecting the pericardium. Cardiologist Dr. Klein and Heart Surgeon Dr. Johnston will be answering questions about this topic today at noon (EST). Register now and begin to ask questions. They will be answered at 12 noon … Read More

From Pericarditis to Completing a Half Marathon

We asked Justin Mohler if he would allow us to post this letter of thanks to Dr. Klein. During our web chat in July, so many people asked about pericarditis, I am sure people would be happy to know Mr. Mohler completed a 1/2 marathon one year after beginning treatment. Thanks for sharing your story. … Read More

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When Should You Have Surgery for Pericarditis?

Last week we hosted a web chat on pericardial disease.  During the chat, Dr. Johnston answered the question:  When should you have surgery for pericarditis? More questions and answers are posted in the transcript of the Pericardial Disease Webchat hosted by  Dr. Klein and Dr. Johnston.