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Male Infertility: Helping You Sort Fact From Fiction

Tags: drugs, electronics, fertility, infertility, male infertility, marijuana, pregnancy, smartphones, smoking, sperm, spern health, steroids, tobacco

There are many common misunderstandings about the causes of male infertility. Here’s your chance to learn what’s real and what’s myth.

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Breastfeeding Is Best, Even When You Have MS

Tags: breastfeeding, MS, multiple sclerosis

Moms with multiple sclerosis don’t have to miss the benefits of breastfeeding, experts say. Just be sure to discuss MS medications with your doctors.

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Assess Your Options When Facing Pregnancy Loss

Tags: infertility, infertility treatments, miscarriage, pregnancy

A miscarriage can be devastating, but it’s not necessarily the last word. Despite setbacks, some couples have a baby after trying multiple medical treatments. Learn more about your options.

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Vaginal Delivery Best Option for Moms-to-be With MS

Tags: c-section, childbirth, MS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy

As with most pregnancies, a vaginal birth is best for women with multiple sclerosis, but there are times a C-section is in order. Fortunately, those with MS don’t have to forego anesthesia.

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Treating Infertility: Roller Coaster of Emotions

Tags: infertility, infertility treatments, intrauterine insemination, IUI

Couples cope with an emotional roller coaster during infertility treatments. Intrauterine insemination can be an all-consuming process which demands careful timing and tries the patience. Learn more.

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MS Relapse During Pregnancy: Can It Happen to You?

Tags: MS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy

MS relapses, though relatively rare, can occur during pregnancy. Check with your doctor for what to watch for and best treatment options.

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Hospital Details Make a Difference for the Mom-to-Be

Tags: breastfeeding, childbirth, kangaroo care

Birthing centers offer many options and choices. The hospital one 39-year-old woman chose embraced best practices, including 24/7 ob/gyn coverage, kangaroo care, and the Baby-Friendly designation.

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Pregnancy and MS: The Worry of Passing It to Your Child

Tags: MS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy

Multiple sclerosis sufferers may worry about passing the disease on to their children. While there is evidence that MS is hereditary, the chance of your kids getting it is small.

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How To Know If It’s Taking Too Long To Get Pregnant

Tags: infertility, pregnancy

Many couples worry if they don’t conceive after a couple months of trying, but that’s too soon to be concerned. Find out how long you should wait before consulting with fertility experts.

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What You Can Expect While Expecting With MS

Tags: MS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy

Research shows in general that multiple sclerosis patients are likely to see fewer symptoms while pregnant, but having children makes little difference in the course of the disease long-term.