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Dion's baby

How to Fit Work, Rest, MS Into Your New Baby ‘Time Zone’

Tags: childbirth, MS, MS relapse, multiple sclerosis

New moms with multiple sclerosis may have a tougher time than most fighting postpartum fatigue. Find out whether it’s normal or a possible MS relapse.

Nicole and family

Finding Out Your Baby’s Sex Has Its Advantages

Tags: childbirth, pregnancy, prenatal testing

Expectant parents have many reasons for wanting to know the sex of their baby before it’s born. It reduces stress, helps them plan ahead or makes it easier for siblings to adjust. So, will it be airplanes or flowers?

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New Mom Focuses on Joys of Motherhood, Not Risks of MS

Tags: childbirth, MS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy

Moms with MS don’t have to miss out on the joys of motherhood, worrying whether they will pass on the disease. The risk is slight and you can assist the odds.

Nicole and family

Noninvasive Prenatal Tests Analyze Your Baby’s Risks

Tags: advanced maternal age, noninvasive prenatal testing, pregnancy, prenatal testing

As a woman ages, her risk of pregnancy complications increases, as does her baby’s risk of birth defects. Noninvasive pregnancy tests can screen for Down syndrome earlier in pregnancy.

Dion's baby

MS May Flare Up Postpartum, but Nothing You Can’t Handle

Tags: childbirth, MS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy

Multiple sclerosis sufferers may have a “catch-up” relapse postpartum, but usually nothing serious. See how one mom with MS fared after flare-up; get warning signs.

Nicole and family

Over 35 and Pregnant: Manage Health Risks for You and Baby

Tags: advanced maternal age, pregnancy, pregnancy over 35

Is the medical term “advanced maternal age” scaring you about having a baby? Find out how healthy women can manage the risks of pregnancy at 35 and beyond.

Dion with baby

Mom With MS Finds Childbirth’s Not What She Expected

Tags: c-section, childbirth, MS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy

Childbirth can be scary for anyone, let alone for a woman who has multiple sclerosis. Ohio mom’s delivery had twists and turns, but her MS wasn’t a factor.

Nicole with baby

In Vitro Fertilization: Be Prepared to Go All In

Tags: in vitro fertilization, infertility, infertility treatments, IVF, pregnancy

If you decide to attempt in vitro fertilization, be prepared to go all in. The course of treatments is time-consuming and costly – both financially and emotionally. Find out more about the process.

Dion (49) and family

Postpartum Planning Is a Must If You Have MS

Tags: MS, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy

Moms with multiple sclerosis should plan to have extra help when they first bring baby home. Risk is real for relapse, mood changes, more fatigue than moms without MS.

Expecting girl or boy

Boy or Girl — Can You Choose Your Baby’s Gender?

Tags: fertility, in vitro fertilization, pregnancy, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), sperm

The methods offered to help you control the gender of your baby are old wives’ tales at best, but it doesn’t hurt to learn what harmful practices you should avoid.