The Big Transition

Congenital heart disease is another name for birth defects of the heart.  The most common congenital defect is a hole between the chambers of the heart, but may also include malformations of the valves, aorta, and general size and shape of the heart.  In the old days, children born with heart defects didn’t live very long.  But today, surgeons are able to correct … Read More

Researching a New Treatment for ED

In response to the many questions from our article, “Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Cardiovascular Problems,” Dr. Shishehbor provided additional information on current treatment and research. One common cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) is reduced blood supply to the penis during arousal due to blockages caused by fatty material accumulated along the artery walls. The current therapy … Read More

Biking to Work: A Better Commute

During these warm summer months in Cleveland, people are taking their fitness routines outside. Our own Cleveland Clinic physicians are being healthy by commuting to work via bicycle. The ride is great exercise and a good stress reliever. It also saves money at the pump and helps reduce car emissions. Doctors who bike see the … Read More

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Wives Save Lives

Marriage is good for you. Study after study has shown that married couples live longer, enjoy better health and are happier than their single peers. Now it’s being suggested that marriage can have a positive affect on how quickly you’re treated for a heart attack. A Canadian study found that married heart attack victims arrive … Read More

Go Mediterranean with Your Diet

So, you are considering going on a new diet but you are overwhelmed by the number from which to choose. New diets are always being introduced in the market. This year for the first time, U.S.News and World Report enlisted the help of 22 experts to rank diets and come up with a listing of … Read More

Movie Takes on Diet and Heart Disease

Remember the documentaries Supersize Me and Food Inc. (both nominated for Academy Awards), that highlighted America’s bad dietary habits? They’ve been joined by a new entry, Forks Over Knives, which was released into theaters on May 9, 2011. Forks Over Knives focuses on eminent Cleveland Clinic surgeon and his revolutionary findings on food. Caldwell Esselstyne, … Read More

When Should You Have Surgery for Pericarditis?

Last week we hosted a web chat on pericardial disease.  During the chat, Dr. Johnston answered the question:  When should you have surgery for pericarditis? More questions and answers are posted in the transcript of the Pericardial Disease Webchat hosted by  Dr. Klein and Dr. Johnston.

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Number One Heart Center 17 Years in a Row!

For the 17thyear in a row, the Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute has ranked number one in cardiac care in the nation, as demonstrated in today’s release of U.S.News & World Report’s 2011-12 edition of “America’s Best Hospitals.” Read what Dr. Lytle, Chairman of the Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute, has to say … Read More

Do You Have Questions About Aorta Disease?

It has been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that more patients die annually from aortic disease than breast cancer. It is crucial to know and understand the latest treatment options available if you have been diagnosed with a condition related to the aortic valve or aorta. Take advantage of this rare … Read More