Are You Hyperparenting?

As parents, many of us feel driven to help our children become more successful than we are. The story is as old as time. Our parents felt that way. So did their parents. But today’s parents focus on children’s achievement starting at birth, wanting kids to experience success in every endeavor — and to feel … Read More

Cleveland Clinic Responds to Affordable Care Act Ruling (Video)

Today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act, a reform law designed to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for all Americans. The Affordable Care Act: Requires most Americans to obtain minimum health insurance coverage Works to stop insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions Requires insurers to cover children … Read More

Say Goodbye to Bottles and Sippy Cups (Video)

Getting your baby off the bottle can be difficult. The same can be said when it’s time to transition to a cup. Deb Lonzer, MD, a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, says when it comes time to buck the bottle, or send the sippy cup packing, there are two ways to go about it. … Read More

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Memory Loss in Women: Is It Age or Menopause?

Memory difficulty is a typical symptom of menopause, but some might fear that it’s an early sign of Alzheimer’s. Many describe a sudden inability to recall simple facts as “brain fog.” If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. You’re not likely losing it or developing dementia. Dipping levels of estrogen — whether from menopause or having … Read More

Popping the Blood Pressure Balloon

Sixty-eight million Americans have high blood pressure. Most can control it with lifestyle changes and medication. But for some people, no matter what they do, their blood pressure keeps going up, up, up … A new treatment called renal denervation hopes to disrupt the trajectory of uncontrolled blood pressure and bring it back to earth. Learn more about … Read More

Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops

The teen pregnancy rate in the United States has hit a historic low. According to the latest figures released by the National Center for Health Statistics, the number of teen pregnancies has been dropping since 1990. The rate dropped 40 percent between 1990 and 2008, dropping another 9 percent from 2009 to 2010 to reach … Read More

Chat With a Doctor: Bariatric Surgery & Diabetes

Register for Online Chat Do you have a question about bariatric surgery and its use in treating type 2 diabetes, and would like to ask a doctor? Tomasz Rogula, MD, Phd, and Sangeeta Kashyap, MD, of Cleveland Clinic’s Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute, answer your questions about bariatric surgery for treating type 2 diabetes. Get answers … Read More

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Cleveland Clinic to USPSTF: You’re Wrong

“I’m frankly mystified by this,” says Stanley Hazen, MD.  “It’s puzzling,” says Leslie Cho, MD.  What is it that baffles the co-heads of Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation at Cleveland Clinic? A recent statement by a Health and Human Services-supported group called the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).  In an article in the Annals of … Read More

Know Your Family History

What if a stroll down memory lane could save your life? When it comes to family history, it can. Knowing funny stories about your relatives makes for great fun at family gatherings — but knowing that three of your ancestors had diabetes or that your grandmother had breast cancer at an early age may help … Read More