An Aspirin a Day? (Video)

A daily aspirin isn’t for everyone

Should you take an aspirin every day to help prevent heart attack? For many years, some doctors recommended that patients, particularly men over the age of 50, take a daily aspirin to protect against heart attack.

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Today, however, if you’re healthy and don’t have heart disease, a daily aspirin isn’t necessary.

More recent evidence suggests a daily aspirin isn’t right for everybody. If you’re otherwise healthy and don’t have heart disease, in some cases the risk of bleeding from taking an aspirin may be greater than the benefit of preventing heart attack.

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We still recommend aspirin for all patients with known heart disease, previous bypass surgery, stents or previous heart attacks.

If you do want to take aspirin, ask your doctor about taking an 81-mg baby aspirin. It’s just as effective as larger doses — and it’s safer.


Steven Nissen, MD

Steven Nissen, MD, is Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. In 2007, TIME Magazine named him “one of the 100 most influential people in the world.”
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