I Found a Lump — Is It Testicular Cancer?

It can be an embarrassing thing for a guy to call his doctor about a lump or swelling on his testicles, but it’s important to do. Whether it’s painful or not, a mass on the testicle is the most common early signal of testicular cancer, and should prompt an immediate call to the doctor. It … Read More

For Teens: Testicular Cancer Self-exams

While most men won’t get testicular cancer, it’s the most common cancer among young men ages 15-35. It’s also highly curable, especially when it’s caught early. That’s why it’s so important that boys and teens learn how to perform testicular self-exams (TSE) and do them regularly. “In pre-pubertal boys, any unusual tumors or growths we … Read More

Don’t Live With Your Chronic Joint Pain

With the baby boomers now in their 50s and 60s, the number of people with chronic joint pain is growing. About 43 million people have sought out medical advice for the condition — and women account for 58 percent (25 million) of these patients. It is likely that 23 million more have not been diagnosed. The truth … Read More

Stroke Before 50 May Shorten Life

Adults who suffer strokes under the age of 50 may have a significantly higher risk of dying within 20 years, a new study finds. Neurologist Irene Katzan, MD, was not part of the study but treats stroke patients at Cleveland Clinic. “Patients who are less than 50 years old and have a stroke not only … Read More

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Don’t Let Heart Disease Derail Your Travel Plans

Heart disease does not need to limit your ability to travel. Follow these pointers from Cleveland Clinic Heart & Vascular Institute experts to enjoy a comfortable and heart-healthy vacation. Talk with your doctor If you are having any new symptoms, make an appointment to see your doctor before you travel. If you have had a … Read More

Autism and Genetics: A Q&A About What We Know

There’s good news coming from autism researchers at a rapid pace. Almost monthly, we hear about new genes tied to autism spectrum disorders. Still, our understanding of the genetics of autism is years behind our understanding of how genetics affects cancer, for example. With that in mind, I sat down with my colleague and autism … Read More

Omega-3s Linked to Better Memory Later in Life

Remember this, because it just might improve your memory: more fish, less steak. A new study — confirming earlier findings — shows that eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like those in the Mediterranean diet, may help preserve memory and thinking abilities later in life. The Mediterranean diet and omega-3 The study, which teamed … Read More

Puppy With Cleft Palate Teaches Kids Tolerance (Slideshow)

Lentil, a little French bulldog puppy with a malformed mouth and lips, has lessons to teach your kids. This puppy’s resilience and appeal, despite challenges, shows how everyone deserves kindness and respect, even if they are different from us. If your child has special needs or feels different, talking about Lentil can help your child … Read More

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PMS: Control Pain, Moodiness and Cramping (Video)

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome strikes every month, leaving women crampy, bloated, weepy or irritable. But for some women, their extreme PMS symptoms turn their lives upside down, affecting their jobs and relationships.  That’s no way to go through life.  Find out how your doctor can help control your monthly hormone surges to get you relief.

Cholesterol: What’s Your ‘Type?’ (Video)

You’ve heard about the good guys (HDL) and bad guys (LDL) in the cholesterol family. HDL protects and even works to decrease risk of heart attack. LDL in excess blocks arteries and leads to clogged arteries and can cause heart attack or stroke. In this whiteboard session, Michael Rocco, MD, medical director of Cardiac Rehabilitation … Read More