Swimming a Great Lake for a Great Cause

When Ryan Stevens was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he was only 36. Eating, itself, was a chore that made him extremely tired with chronic diarrhea. He had been a runner and swimmer, but he soon became lethargic as the disease took hold, and he lost 65 pounds. Surgery changed his life. After Cleveland Clinic surgeons … Read More

Keep Your Kids Sun-safe

As the temperatures rise, so does the amount of time kids spend outside. Swimming and outdoor sports are great ways for them to stay fit, but they also mean increased exposure to the sun. Here are some things parents can do to make sure summer is both fun and safe: 1. Keep babies out of … Read More

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Shifting From Athlete to Active Adult

If you’re a former high school or college athlete no longer feeling the intensity of competition, you have to learn new ways to exercise and stay fit. Experts say the biggest hurdle is often a mental one. You have to reassess your workouts with new goals in mind – from sports performance to your overall … Read More

Junk Food Banned From School Vending Machines

The candy bars, soda, potato chips and other junk food fixes will be emptied out of your kids’ school vending machines. In their place, kids may find fruit cups, light popcorn and multi-grain crackers. The government has just released new limits on sodium, sugar, fat and calories for school vending machines that will take effect … Read More

Vitamin D: Great for Bones But Not Pain Relief

Vitamin D may not be the answer for arthritis pain relief in our knees, but it’s still a vitamin vital for good bone health. A new study from Tufts Medical Center found vitamin D supplements did not reduce knee pain or cartilage volume loss among knee osteoarthritis sufferers. Yet even if Vitamin D isn’t effective … Read More

Kids and Tension Headaches: Biofeedback Cards

Kids can stress out as much as adults do — and develop tension headaches as a result. But doctors are finding new ways to help kids with stress and headaches: checking the temperature of their hands. Pediatric psychologist Ethan Benore, PhD, says temperature biofeedback cards can help because cold hands are typically a sign of … Read More

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Aortic Aneurysm Trial Helps More Patients (Video)

For more than 20 years, vascular surgeons have been implanting endografts (aortic stent grafts) in patients to repair aortic aneurysms. But endografts can be challenging and not all patients are eligible to have them. Cleveland Clinic vascular surgeons offer the ability to treat more patients with endografts. A current research trial is aimed at creating … Read More

Dear Diary: What Food Triggered This Migraine?

If you’re one of the more than 35 million Americans who suffer from migraine headaches, you’re painfully aware that no one knows for sure what can trigger them. Especially when it comes to foods. Certain foods are considered potential triggers from anecdotal evidence supplied by migraine sufferers. Figuring out which culprits cause your own headaches … Read More