Aging Gracefully: Google+ Hangout (Video)

Watch our first-ever Google+ Hangout On Air about healthy aging called Booming Into Good Health: A Crash Course on Aging, which took place at the National Senior Games on July 31 at 1 p.m., EST. Keep your vigor with coming years with expert advice about eating right, staying active and managing stress. Watch the discussion with … Read More

Healthcare Technology Primed for a Breakthrough

Technology has touched every facet of medicine. It’s helped us diagnose, prevent, monitor and treat patients. In fact, blood tests, imaging, vaccines, online tele-health programs, medications, radiation, and surgical techniques all bear the fingerprints of advancing technology. And we’re only becoming more technologically dependent. The internet allows patients to easily learn about their conditions and … Read More

The Whole Truth About Whole Grains

Eating right can help improve your cardiovascular and overall health, but food labels and names can be confusing. You’re not alone if you often wonder what type of breads or cereals to choose. The short answer is to opt for whole grains and avoid refined grains. The “whole” in whole grains In their original, unprocessed … Read More

Mapping the Autistic Brain

Bruce Trapp, PhD, is shining new light on the autistic brain. Literally. Years ago, Dr. Trapp, Chairman of Neurosciences at Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute, found a way to make astrocyte cells — the star-shaped cells that help synapses in the brain connect — glow fluorescently. This has allowed him to study how the brains … Read More

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Is Overeating Learned in Infancy?

If you tend to overeat, there’s a chance you picked up the habit early on. Very early on. A recent study has found that overeating may be learned in infancy, with formula feeding playing a role. Bottle feeding and solid food too young may lead to obesity Brigham Young University researchers analyzed data from more … Read More

Kids and Sports: Throwing Injuries (Video)

“The kid’s got a good arm” — we’ve all heard that expression. More and more children are in throwing sports, including baseball, and we’ve got take care of all those good arms, shoulders and elbows. As I see more throwing injuries, here’s the advice I give to parents and coaches: 1. Recognize the injury. When … Read More

7 Heart-healthy Habits Linked to Cancer Prevention

Are you doing your best to live a heart-healthy lifestyle? If so, you have a lower chance of developing cancer, too. A study by the American Heart Association (AHA) found that people practicing healthy heart habits had a significantly lower chance of developing cancer—a 38-percent lower risk, to be exact. “This is great news for … Read More

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7 Tips for Healthy Bones

It’s a fact of life: As you age, your bones become thinner and lose their density. Over time, you become more prone to injury. Fortunately, you can take steps to halt the “thinning” of your bones, called osteopenia, and prevent osteoporosis. Start with the tips below from Cleveland Clinic experts. 1. Eat calcium-rich foods In … Read More

Does Weather Trigger Migraines? (Video)

If a storm in the forecast fills you with fear of a migraine, you’re not alone. Research about weather as a migraine trigger is not definitive. But many people report feeling a strong connection between what’s happening outside and what’s going on inside their heads. Along with stress, certain foods and other triggers, weather can … Read More