Pregnancy Myth: You’re Eating for Two (Video)

Find out how many extra calories you need

Pregnant woman cooking

When you’re pregnant, it’s often easy to overeat based on a simple idea: “I’m eating for two.”

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In reality, you need only about 300 extra calories per day to support healthy development of your baby. You’re not eating for two adults, after all.

For perspective, 300 calories can come from a cup of Greek yogurt, a slice of whole wheat bread and a piece of your favorite fruit. This is a good mix of foods for an appropriate amount of calcium, fiber, protein, fat and sugar.

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Making smart choices about food during your pregnancy will help you gain the right amount of weight — and support your baby’s future health.


Karen Cooper, DO

Karen Cooper, DO, Director of Be Well Moms℠ in the Women's Health Institute, is board-certified in family medicine and specializes in medical weight management.
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