Oral Health and Your Heart

Gum disease and heart problems — there has been a long-standing belief that there is a link between these two health issues. Researchers speculate that bacteria in the mouth, which cause gum disease, move into the bloodstream and cause inflammation of the blood vessels. This, in turn, may contribute to heart disease and stroke. Alternatively, … Read More

3 Ways to Teach Kids About Giving

The holidays are a great time to teach your kids lessons about giving, says a child psychiatrist from Cleveland Clinic. Joseph Austerman, DO, says kids learn empathy when exposed to volunteer activities or ways to donate or help other children or other people. “They are much less likely to bully. They do better, and go … Read More

7 Simple Ways to Ease Your Holiday Stress

The holidays bring lots of joy but also can cause stress and anxiety. When the decorations start cropping up in stores, you may begin feeling the pressure of a subconscious clock ticking. Will it all get done? Women, and moms in particular, often find themselves so overwhelmed that they can’t enjoy what should be a … Read More

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Recipe: Holiday Gingersnaps (Infographic)

If you’re looking for a no-fuss – but festive – holiday treat that’s easy for the kids to help make, look no further than our Holiday Gingersnaps! Packed with flavorful cinnamon and ginger, they’re a lower-calorie alternative to many sugar-coated cookies around this season.  

12 Tips for Traveling With Children

Over the highway and through the state, to Grandmother’s house we go. Sounds like an idyllic family jaunt, right? Increase your odds of making it there with your sanity intact with these travel tips. Don’t wait until the last minute With all of the season’s hustle and bustle, you might be tempted to ditch preparation … Read More