Opiates Kill More People Than Car Accidents (Video)

Many people underestimate the dangers


Opiates are the major cause of accidental deaths in the U.S. In fact, accidental overdoses from opiates kill more people than automobile and other motor vehicle accidents. These drugs include codeine, morphine and heroin.

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In this video, Dr. Gregory Collins, MD, Section Head of Cleveland Clinic’s Psychiatry and Psychology Department, talks about how easy it is to underestimate or misjudge the dangers of opiates.

“It doesn’t take much of an exposure to kill yourself with opiates, unfortunately,” he says.  “We have an awful lot of opiate deaths, unfortunately.”

Most people who use opiates don’t realize how little it takes to kill you. If you haven’t used them and haven’t built up a tolerance for them — or if you stop using them and then try to go back to your original dose — it can kill you. It’s tragically easy to miscalculate what a safe dose is, Dr. Collins says. Many people mistakenly think they can handle a larger dose than they actually can, he says.

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