Your Heart: 3 Amazing Medical Innovations (Video)

New wireless pacemaker and new drugs

Top Innovations

Every year, Cleveland Clinic presents the top 10 medical innovations — the most influential and potentially beneficial breakthroughs in medicine for the year.

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This year, three of the 10 innovations related to the human heart. They are:

1. The development of a small leadless pacemaker — We’ve found a way to create a tiny pacemaker, so small it fits inside the heart and works without wires or any leads. The battery lasts eight years or more.

2. New cholesterol-lowering injections — A new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors are not only easy to administer via a single injection once/month, they also reduce cholesterol for thirty days by as much as 50 percent to 70 percent.

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3. New congestive heart failure drug — A new class of drugs for congestive heart failure offers a new approach to treatment and helps reduce the risk of death by 20 percent. The drug, Angiotensin-receptor neprilysin inhibitor, or ARNI, is on the fast track for approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Steven Nissen, MD

Steven Nissen, MD, is Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. In 2007, TIME Magazine named him “one of the 100 most influential people in the world.”
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