Menopause: Solutions to 8 Miserable Symptoms (Infographic)

Are you experiencing any of these problems?

Many of my patients have questions about menopause and its symptoms. One of the most common is, “How will I know when I’m in menopause?”  I say, “You’ll know in one of two ways: Either your menstrual pattern will change, or your periods will stop.”

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The average age most women enter menopause is 51 years. You may start earlier or later (it doesn’t hurt to check with your mother. You may start menopause at the same age she did.) As your female hormone levels decline, you may find yourself experiencing unique symptoms such as hot flashes. These symptoms are at their most intense when your periods stop and for two years afterward.

If  you find that symptoms are disrupting your life, let your physician know. For most women, short-term hormone therapy is the best solution for symptoms such as hot flashes and can prevent menopause-associated bone loss. But hormone therapy is highly individualized, based on your exam, your health history and your family health history. If the risks outweigh the benefits for you, we’ll offer alternatives to help you manage symptoms.

Enjoy the infographic below. It highlights the most common symptoms that I explain to my patients and offers solutions that I recommend.

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8 solutions to miserable #menopause symptoms you need to know. #infographic

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