Try These 2 Easy Acupressure Exercises for Allergy Relief (Video)

Natural, easy and drug-free relief

Try These 2 Easy Acupressure Exercises for Allergy Relief (Video)

If you’ve never done any acupressure, there are so many reasons to try it. It’s easy to learn, safe, effective and costs nothing.

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For allergy sufferers, there are some simple acupressure techniques that can give you sinus relief.

Watch this video to learn two simple exercises. The first exercise helps relieve pressure below the eyes and at the base of your nose. The other exercise can help relieve pressure in your forehead. Each of these techniques takes only three minutes to do.

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Jamie Starkey, LAc

Jamie Starkey is Lead Acupuncturist at the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Integrative Medicine, where she bridges the worlds of Eastern and Western medical philosophy.