Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Our nutrition expert explains

Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Q: Can a gluten-free diet help you lose weight?

A: The research says no. It’s true that avoiding carbohydrates, a common source of gluten, can help you lose weight. But that’s not because you’ve eliminated gluten. It’s because you’ve decreased your calories from carbs.

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In fact, it’s easy to consume more calories on a gluten-free diet by eating processed gluten-free wraps, breads, pretzels, etc. (These are not the best sources of nutrition).

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to know your total calorie intake, eat mindfully from all foods groups (choosing fresh produce, fish, poultry and meat) and, if anything, decreasing carbs and increasing protein.

—Registered dietitian Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD

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Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD

Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD, is a registered dietitian and Outpatient Nutrition Manager in the Center for Human Nutrition.
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